BOAT FOR EVERY TASTEIn which only the terms will not be during the journey of the lovers of water tourism! And not always the boat suitable for sailing in a pond, suitable for another.
We have developed a boat has just this so often coveted versatility. However, to the participants of this campaign it makes big demands — they will have to learn to manage and rowing, motor and sailing vessel, as the vessel combines all these qualities.
Citizens, tend to experience difficulties with the storage of their vessels. Our can survive the winter on the balcony, loggia or garage.
Transportability is another attractive quality of the boat. After this route, putting it in a package that can be transported in a truck. It fits perfectly and on the outside of the trunk of the car; sections of the boat were transported even in the tram, because it is disassembled parcel size 2000X960X700 mm.
The boat is easily subject to the action of a single rower with two oars. In this embodiment, it can be used on broad reaches and prolonged transitions. On the same narrow winding rivers better pull together two-bladed kayak paddles. On the mountain rapids of the river it makes more sense to use a single blade paddle from a canoe, and the bow section to wear protective deck of rubberized fabric.
Accommodation of passengers and cargo (the shaded places of embarkation).
Accommodation of passengers and cargo (the shaded places of embarkation).
Theoretical hull lines.
Theoretical hull lines.
Hunters, geologists and tourists can use this boat for throwing their equipment over long distances, in the headwaters of rivers at a speed of 10-12 km/h using an outboard motor of “Sputnik” with a capacity of 2.0—5.0 HP mounted on the rear transom.
In a long voyage can not do without the sails. During the reconstruction of sport sailing ship on the side additionally hung Shorty held outstretched from the nose with a rubber harness; aft are the cords of a delay — they regulate position of the center of lateral resistance of the boat.
A more complex design svetovogo the device shown in the drawing. The centerboard is entered into a special well affixed to the body of the middle section.
Instead of the “Bermuda” sailing arms you can use a simple sail from the Optimist Dinghy, or “Beam”.
Finally, the design allows you to connect the boat with the help of pipes, beams and bolts of the clamps, turning them into a catamaran and a trimaran even.
Foldable boat.
Folding boat:
1 — metal edging, transom, 2 — layer fiberglass, 3 — brackets of the hinge box ballerinas, 4 — stern transom, 5 — foam blocks in the shell of fiberglass with a thickness of 1 mm, 6 — the middle transom, 7 — metal plate, 8 — Bank, 9 — foot beam, 10 — svartby well 11 eye-bolt, 12 — bolt-clamp, 13 — metal lining 3X15X80 mm, 14 — stern tube-beam (for a catamaran), 15 — middle tube-beam (to tow), 16 — bow tube-beam (for a catamaran and tug), 17 — a spur of the mast 18, the second boat in the catamaran of 19 aft section in the embodiment of the tow, the 20 — bow deck, 21 — hole for-the forestay, 22 — the hatch for the rower.
A typical connection of the sections of the boat.
A typical connection of the sections of the boat:
1 — the bolt 2, 6 — section boats, 3 — nut-lamb 4 — rubber liners, 5 — yoke.
Fixing vant-Potenza.
Incorporation of vant-Potenza:
1 — vant-potens, 2 — boat, 3 — metal lining 3X15X70 mm.
The boat folded.
The boat is folded.
Layout. The boat is an open vessel, consisting of bow, middle and stern sections. The dimensions of the sections allow you to stack them “dolls”. Bow lined on the inside with foam, can be closed deck — removable deck breakwater. Seat paddler under it — the foam block or Board attached to the sides.
In the middle section are two people with cargo, equipped with a detachable Bank of rowers. On the aft bulkhead (transom median) is attached to the reinforcement metal trim for outboard motor, and also the foam blocks that provide status. Installed on the sides folding oarlocks and bolts-clamps pipe cross-beams and side Vertov.
Aft section ending in a transom mount outboard motor. If necessary, here hung rudder with lifting the pen, a removable block of foam used as a seat. On the sides — clamps bolted to the Assembly with a mid-section in a catamaran.
The hull shape and dimensions were chosen based on the experience of tourists-water-transport workers of Leningrad and Petrozavodsk. Feature boats — smooth rounded cross-section, elongated to the nose and a fuller aft of the waterline (to the same offset and midsection). The lowest point of the keel is related to the rear bulkhead of the middle section. All this reduces the trim by the stern, improves the handling characteristics when using the motor.
Sharply curved shape of the keel of the vessel provides maneuverability and banking the boat, as is often done with the water-slalom, is not required; the flat bottom makes it easier to approach the shore.
The boat is under sail.
Boat under sail:
1 — rudder, 2 — ballerina box, 3 — tiller to 4 — gik-sheet, 5 — gate, 6 — hull 7 — grotto (5.3 m2), 8 — LVL, 9 — Akhter-forestay, 10 — for-forestay, 11 — mast, 12 — staysail (2.4 m2), 13 — jib-boom, 14 — staysail-sheet, 15 — guy, 16 — centerboard.
Sailing rig.
Table blazovich ordinate
Table blazovich ordinate.
Design. The hull is laminated with the use of polyester resin cold cure NPS-609-21M and four layers of glass: two outer marks T-P and two internal (TR-0,56).
The sides and bulkheads are reinforced, their thickness increased to 4 mm, further layers of fiberglass. Each section is connected with the neighboring in the area of family bulkheads with bolts and rubber gaskets.
When the boat weight 70 kgs on its production took about 30 kg of resin and 40 kg fiberglass. Vileika was carried out in the matrix, made on a wooden dummy.
Main dimensions
Maximum length, mm: 5100
Maximum width, mm: 960
Draft, mm: 200
Freeboard at the midsection, mm: 385
The greatest displacement at the design waterline in kg: 465
Draft displacement 300 kg, mm: 150

V. ALEKSEEV, Leningrad

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