ARCTIC WOLFIn recent years, Amateur designers snowmobiles somehow forgotten about the ski-tracked vehicle whose design is thoroughly worked out by dozens of manufacturers in hundreds of models, and prefer a more simple and universal to all-terrain vehicles on low pressure tires. However, from time to time enthusiasts snowmobile equipment design and classic motonarty, creating a simple and functional design. A typical example is the ski-track snowmobile “Polar wolf”, designed by Igor Galkin.


“Polar wolf” is a tricycle (front — pair of skis, back — track) a vehicle designed to travel over snow at speeds up to 60 km/h.
Mover “Arctic wolf” is a rubber caterpillar, taken from the conveyor belt width-
Noi 300 mm, connected in a ring to make the hinges. On the outer surface of the caterpillar mounted lugs of duralumin channels, but on the inside — a special bracket, which allows sea stars to bring a caterpillar in motion.
Bracket with the letter “P,””S carvings on the legs, bend from 6 mm steel rod. For their production will need a device that allows you to do them quickly and, most importantly, strictly identical. For marking the holes in the track under the bracket you need to use conductor — dural plate with drilled in it pairs of holes with a diameter of 6.1 mm. the Number of such pairs shall be not less than twenty. The finished conductor is superimposed on the rubber tape fixed with suitable goods, and then with a punch (a sharpened and hardened steel tubing) in rubber stitched holes. Further, the conductor rearranged the extreme pairs of holes in the ribbon, and the combined conductor and the conductor is fixed therein by a pair of bolts and nuts, after which the operation of the firmware of the holes is repeated. Stapling on the ribbon — with the help of bolts and nuts with washers. After tightening the nuts to counter the slight raskladyvanii speaker of the threaded rod.
The caterpillar is mounted on a swinging carriage — the front part attached to the frame of the snowmobile hinge, and the rear connected to the frame with a pair of spring-hydraulic shock absorbers borrowed from a motorcycle “IZH-Jupiter”. The carriage is pivotally fixed undercarriage sprocket, and the large and small rollers. For small rinks is quite suitable hub moped wheels, which are stretched improvised tire (rubber rings, cut from a motorcycle camera), and large rollers are made using the same hubs, aluminum rims and tires from a kids bike. Well, the drive sprocket is cut from thick (20-mm) of the PCB. However, instead of the PCB, you can use any durable and wear-resistant plastic — vinyl, nylon, polyethylene, etc.
Arctic wolf
The caterpillar is driven from the engine of TG-200M using roller chain; this sprocket gear is positioned on the outer (right) side shaft driving sprocket. Symmetrical sprocket gear on the opposite side of the shaft fixed brake disc — braking of the snowmobile by means of a standard “Zhiguli” of the braking device.
Snowmobile frame welded of steel thin-walled tubes with a diameter of 40 mm (front cross beam) and 30 mm (all other details). To build the frame it is desirable to use a slipway, for example, a large particle Board. Harvested parts are fixed on it with clamps or steel clamps, and are connected to each other soft binding wire. Welding should be done in several stages: tack, control the size and straightening and then the final welding. At the last stage of the welding should be done in small portions, alternately on the right and left sides of the frame — the temperature leashes will be minimal.
For fixing on the frame engine uses engine mounts — arc curved pipe with a diameter of 30 mm, which is welded to the front Assembly U — shaped bracket with a bolt hole. The second Assembly is similar to the U-shaped clip — fixed by welding on the front tube of the frame.
The swinging carriage is also tubular, welded. The front roller leading and the driving sprocket and brake disc are fixed on the front shaft of the carriage, which, in turn, pipe welding rotator: it is on two bearings 203. The drive sprocket is fixed with four bolts and nuts on the hub, and that, in turn, is fixed on the shaft with a pair of plug lap joint (so-called the connection of the two parts formed in the Cup holes in one of them). The axis of rear rollers rear motorcycle recalls — it can also be moved along the elongated grooves at the ends of the side members of the carriage for adjusting the tension of the belt.
The layout of a snowmobile
The layout of a snowmobile:
1 — the exhaust pipe of the engine; 2—engine TG-200M (working volume 199 cm3, power 14 HP); 3 —fuel valve-settling tank; 4 — steering column; 5 — fuel tank (aluminum canister with a capacity of 10 liters); 6 — wheel; 7 — frame (steel pipe and 40×2 30×2,5); 8 — prinovozemelsky rear shock absorber (from a motorcycle “IZH”); 9 — carriage of caterpillar tracks (steel pipe 30×2,5 and 22×2); 10,13,15,16 — rollers caterpillar tracks; 11 — bracket; 12 — the caterpillar (rubber conveyer belt); 14 — lugs (aluminum, channels 20x10x2); 17 — tie-rod; 18 — bracket-rocking chair (steel pipe 22×2); 19 —undercut (steel, sheet s); 20 — prinovozemelsky front shock absorber (motorcycle Voskhod); 21 — ski (Vileika from plywood and laminate s5);22 . security; 23 — sprocket caterpillar tracks; 24 — a strainer (from a motorcycle “IZH”); 25 — brake disc; 26 — duplica rocking steering device; 27 — a brake caliper device

Chassis snowmobile
Chassis snowmobile:
1 — motor mount (steel, pipe 30×2,5); 2 — steering column (steel, pipe 25×2,5); 3 — bracing (steel, pipe 18×2); 4 — poluchaut (steel, sheet s); 5 — bracket bearing of the housing; 6,9 — brackets of the axes of the rollers (steel, s); 7 — spring-hydraulic shock absorber (from a motorcycle “IZH”); 8 — longitudinal swinging of the carriage (steel, pipe 30×2,5); 10 — axis bracket carriage (steel, sheet s); 11 —base frame (steel, pipe 30×2,5); 12 — steering arm (steel, sheet s6); 13,15 — reinforcing gusset plate (steel, sheet s); 14 — front beam of the frame (steel, pipe 40×2); 16 — steering column; 17,19 — cross member (steel, steel 30×2,5); 18 — bracket bearing housing (steel, sheet s); 20,21 — the fixing points of the engine

Design of drive shaft of caterpillar tracks
Design shaft of caterpillar tracks:
1 — wheel hub brake disc; 2 — bracket bearing housing; 3 — bearing housing; 4 — ribbon of caterpillar tracks (conveyer belts); 5 — fastening grantsa-chain (the bolt of M6 with nut and washer); 6 — mount bracket (M6 nuts and washers); 7 — bracket (steel, rod d6); 8 — grouser (aluminum, channels 20x10x2); 9,13 — standoffs (steel, pipe 22×2); 10 — ice rink (hub-wheel moped);
Ski snowmobile
Ski snowmobile:
1. safety (steel pipe 14×1,5); 2,3 — mount arc security (self-tapping screws d5); 4 — stiffener (birch, rake s10); 5 — spring-hydraulic shock absorber (motorcycle Voskhod); 6 — bracket steering shaft (steel, sheet s4); 7 — bracket-rocking chair (steel, pipe 22×2); 8 — cutting (steel, sheet s3); 9 — the base of the bracket-plastic (steel, channel 150x50x4); 10 — M10 nut; 11 — washer; 12 — axis (pin M10); 13 — the case of the hinge (steel, pipe 30×2,5); 14,20 — shock mount (M8 bolts with nuts and lockwashers); 15 — flange arc safety (steel, sheet s2); 16 — ski (Vileika of three 5-mm plywood blanks and soles of 1 mm laminate); 17 — the lower support of the shock absorber; 18 — mounting (bolt M6 with nuts); 19 — mount bracket base-rocking (bolt M6 with nuts)


Ski snowmobile vyklevyvajutsja of plywood pieces — each will require three 5-mm plate. The sole of the ski is laminated plastic, (such is coated kitchen furniture), having good sliding properties and wear resistance. Vileika ski is the simplest slipway — a thick Board nailed to the front part of the bars, the shape of which follows the curvature of the bent ski socks. Each ski has two undercuts — steel plates with a thickness of 3 mm mounted on the lateral sides of the ski.
Each ski equipped with a shock-absorbing device consisting of a bracket and rocking motorcycle shock absorber (for this approach spring-hydraulic shock absorber from “Sunrise”). In the front part of each ski is mounted a tubular arc security.
The steering mechanism of a snowmobile consists of a handlebar of a motorcycle type, steering column duplechin steering lever and a pair of rods with “the Zhiguli” ball joints connecting the steering arm with swivel bipod left and right steering columns. When drawing kinematics of steering it makes sense to use simple models in a convenient measuring scale from plywood or even thick car-
colors — they will accurately pick up the geometric parameters of the rods and levers in accordance with the actual size of the snowmobile.
The fuel tank is a 10 liter aluminum canister, which is embedded standard motorcycle fuel cock suck. To this end, the canister will have with TIG weld it to the threaded bushing.
The body of the snowmobile, consisting of a base and hood, wikiepedia of fiberglass and epoxy resin. This uses the simplest fool out of plywood, boards and plaster. A separating layer when Vileika will serve as parquet wax-mastic is deposited on the dummy and raspolirovka to Shine. During molding of the housing first wikiepedia base — pre-boob using plywood plates and regular clay at the future site of the connector housing is constructed by the flange, which would serve as a form for flanging. After vyklicky plywood and clay are removed, flanging cropped to a width of 30 mm, is sealed with a ribbon-tape, and only after that starts forming the hood of the housing.
After curing of the resin part of the housing removed from the boob, and if necessary, increase the inside stringers of slats, which are fastened to the shell with epoxy putty and small screws. Next, the hood and base cut a hole under the cylinder of the engine and the front cross beam.
The surface finish of the housing is performed using autosplice and enamel cold drying. The connection of the housing parts is made of nuts and bolts. Flanging are covered with decorative aluminum profile channel.
On the frame of the snowmobile installed panels from 10 mm plywood, impregnated in two steps with hot linseed oil. The locations of the legs of the driver and passenger glued strips of corrugated rubber.
Management snowmobile — motorcycle type grip throttle and a clutch lever on the handlebars and the brake pedal and shift the transmission. Electrical equipment includes a motorcycle headlight and taillight.
The snowmobile seat is a plywood box, assembled on aluminum parts and bolts and nuts and mounted on police. On top of the box is glued to the cushion of rigid foam, and this entire site is covered artificial leather.
The windshield is made of plexiglass. For attaching it to the body uses the curved form of the hood dural area. To fit the glass to the hood it makes sense to use a cardboard template and fit it, you can easily carry the resulting circuit on a Styrofoam blank.
I. GALKIN,engineer

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