BUGGY — TEENOn the roads and cross roads of Latvia in recent time, new sporty micro cars — buggy, built at the Central station of young technicians of the Republic. One of them — school “Buggy-350” has been awarded to a screening at the NTTM-74. These nimble, agile machine with the same success moving on dirt roads, highway and rugged terrain. They are universal in their application: essential for competitions outside of tracks and highways may be used for training high school students to avtodelo.

Another advantage of the buggy is that their manufacture does not require large expenditures, and special workshops.
The basis of the car taken suspension sidecar Serpukhov factory with the 350 cm3 engine. It is simple in design, easy maintenance for operation on roads have proved their durability and performance. To build the buggy class 350 cm3 used components and assemblies for mass domestic motorcycles and scooters.
“Buggy-350”, as his older brothers, equipped with a headlight with main and dipped lights, rear sidelights with the indicators and brake light. Not forgotten and the electric starter to start the engine. All these electricity consumers are powered by powerful sectiontwo battery.
Fig. 1. The projection of the buggy.
Fig. 1. The projection of the buggy.
The control system consists of the steering mechanism, hand brake, gas pedal, brake and clutch levers to change gear, reverse gear and start pedaling.
Brakes — mechanical. On the front wheels applied the brakes, same rear. The drive gas and the clutch is carried out by cables. The motor used in motorized wheelchairs. Forced air cooling system replaced cooling system with counter flow of air, which reduced the weight of the car. Due to the fact that the gas tank is below the float chamber of the carburetor, fuel is supplied through fuel pump, usually used on boat engines and the current due to vacuum in the engine crankcase (the crankcase is made of special hole). The use of a single-cylinder engine can be considered successful, as less prone to overheating.
For protection of the driver and passenger in case the car tips over, it is equipped with circular security. The safety cage consists of two arcs, one of which is installed behind a seat, the other adjacent to the uprights of the windscreen. Arc rigidly connected between the longitudinal tube and the rear arches have braces.
Fig. 2. General view and details of the car
Fig. 2. General view and details of the car “buggy”:
A — General layout: 1 — front facing body, 2 — lower universal joint steering shaft, 3 — wire cutoffs of coupling, 4 beam front axle, 5 — foot-brake cable, 6 — wire shaft, 7 — rotary lever, 8 — turn, 9 — bracket front axle, 10 front mud guard bodywork 11 — pedal unit, 12, 16 lights, 13 — front security arc, the 14 — rear view mirror, 15, 22 — extinguishers, 17 — air cleaner to carb 18 — longitudinal pipe arcs of safety, 19 — engine IZH-350, 20 — spark plugs, 21 — brace rear arc of security, 23 — rear splash guard body 24 to the rear wheel, “placed” at 60 mm, 25 — link rear suspension, 26 — Board of the body, 27 — seat driver, 28 — steering wheel 29, the gear lever, 30, 32 drives the rear wheels 31 spacer thickness of 60 mm, 33 — bearing disk, front brake, 34 — of the brake drum.
B — block design of the pedals: 1 — body, 2 — adjusting fitting, 3 — wire, 4 — lug cable, 5 — axis of the pedal 6 — clutch pedal 7, the brake pedal 8 accelerator pedal 9 sheath of the intermediate cable of a brake pedal, 10 — stop, 11 — equalizer, 12 — cables to the brakes.
At — fuel system: 1 fuel tank capacity 25 l, 2 — feed pipe, 3, 5 — flexible fuel lines, 4 — pump from the boat motor “Moscow”, 6 — float chamber of the carburetor.

The body, in our usual presentation itself is not. It replaces a very simple design. Exterior outdoor, double, providing minimum comfort for the driver and passenger. This allows the use of micro-car is not just for motocross competition, but also on public roads. Simplified body panels, front and rear fenders, to some extent, protects driver and passenger from the direct hit of mud in the body.
Rear wheel alignment gauge have widened the rim, which also increases the permeability of the machine.
V. EGOROV, master of motor sport

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