MASCHLANKAAs the camouflage makes the scout invisible on the ground, so maschlanka hide from the eyes of the rough risers of steam heating, giving the room or the kitchen a more cozy feel. Hide so the pipe is available to any owner because it doesn’t need special skills or scarce materials. On the recommendation of the Polish magazine home handymen “Throb yourself”, enough to buy the appropriate size wooden bruski section 35×35 mm and two panels “growth” room. Their adjustment will depend on the places: how are the risers against the wall (at what distance from them) and at what altitude to depart from them pipes running to the radiator.

The manufacture and Assembly of
Now more about the details of the proposed design. The column consists of two vertical panels that fully enclose an angle with the risers. Left of them (see picture). not associated with pipes, so made solid; the right essentially identical and differs only in that it has cutouts for the pipes leading to the radiator.
Panels material — thick plywood or particle Board. The sizes of both depend on the height of the ceiling of the room and the required distance from the wall that is measured when the preparation works.
For installation and fastening of the panels is a fairly simple frame of wooden bars, the dimensions of which depend on the same conditions as for panels.
The framework consists of two wall-mounted vertical racks, two ceiling and two floor short bars. Each pair of joined counter spikes vpoldereva. The opposite ends of their straight. Have bottom pair, they run into the rack that running out the top pair to the ceiling. The frame is attached to the walls, ceiling and floor for holes with screws (or screws into the wooden dowels — if in concrete). Joints outdoor bars with racks have the metal reinforcement of the mounting area.
Self-made corner column, masking the riser pipeline
Homemade corner column, masking the risers tubing:
1 —panel with cutouts for pipes; 2—a solid bar; 3 —a connecting timber panels; 4,5 —rack frame; 6,7—ceiling bars of the frame; 8,9—floor bars of the frame; 10—mounting bracket; 11—risers pipeline; 12 — screws

The figure shows that the frame has no front corner posts. Her role is slightly cropped compared to the sides of the wooden block, attached at the edge of the left panel with a space from the edges to the thickness of the right pane (or without it: both are possible). This bar is for junction and connection counter edges of the panels moskalenki. The other edge is attached with screws to the posts and planks of the framework.
It will mainly touch panels, as part of the frame invisible and do not require any special finishing.
Panel, masking of the pipe can be disguised as a total interior solution. That is, if the walls are covered with Wallpaper — column is also possible to paste over, and it will look just like the projecting angle of the walls. When you painted the walls the same finish will look natural and column panels.
However, it is permissible to conceal the loudspeaker to the walls, and under the surrounding furniture. And there are also possible options. If it is a room-kitchen and its this consists of items covered by enamel paints — column is also paint, and it will be perceived not as a wall projection, and as an object of the headset. If the masking is carried out in the pipe room, which is polished or decorated with veneer furnishings, the column may be suitably tinted and varnished if panel — plywood with a beautiful texture. If they are made of chipboard — maybe just hang a film or a paper of suitable colour wood and cover furniture varnish. This column also will look like a piece of furniture.

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