CAR-SAMEGROUPWhen the designers of trucks “taught” them of the body independently, without other auxiliary mechanisms, to pour onto the ground or into a special hopper delivered to the site loads, some cars received a new name — dump. With the introduction of devices created by the innovators and A. A. Barlevy years ad from SPKTB “Avtospetsoborudovanie”, fвтомобили will be able to do without any additional lifting devices to raise the body intended for transportation of cargo. And may appear by analogy with truck specific name — samagro.

For the conversion of a conventional car in samegroup the authors wybrali GAZ-53, but. apparently, may be suitable and any other on-Board machine. After all, you do not need to make any major changes in design: to be replaced only the rear Board. Installed a new Board and will serve as a lifting device. All its components are mounted on their own rømø; the drive of the lifting Board is supplied from the hydraulic pump NSH-32 and the power takeoff of the vehicle. Thanks to this device it becomes possible, for example, samoborska of containers weighing more than half a ton, as well as subsequent self-unloading them at the delivery location. During lifting or lowering of the load does not exceed 10 C.
Vehicle with tail-lift and its design
Fig. 1. Vehicle with tail-lift and it is:
1 — hydraulic, 2 — cylinder, 3 — lever system, 4 — mechanized Board.

The simplicity of the device lifting the rear side of the machine allows for the retrofitting of vehicles already in service, and by the fleets.

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