Merim Boas parrots

This cartoon is unlikely that today someone does not know. And it can be noticed even because of catastrophically decadent state of modern animation channels for profit have found ways to get round care for children-time scoring esters of the old Soviet cartoons or Czech cartoon series.


How is it lucky for modern children that they can endlessly watch the Soviet cartoons. It should be noted that the cartoon “38 parrots” is one of those examples where even adults today are reviewing it with a smile, especially when you already know the meanings of the words “absurd” and “postmodernism.”


If you decide to watch 38 Popugaev, be ready to see unique cartoon, which for many is a source of good mood. Viewers subconsciously understand today unconventional ways of thinking and viewing such Soviet cartoons opens these possibilities in the smallest generation.


Characters the four main characters in the cartoon Oster built, guided by a very old classification of temperaments according to Hippocrates: melancholic, phlegmatic, choleric and sanguine. That and today we are continuing to watch 38 Popugaev online free, is another reason for the specificity of thinking of all the cartoon characters. For several series the Quartet of the main characters solves the most simple tasks and problems in an unorthodox manner, guided by their own knowledge of the laws of nature and things. To recall the measurement system or real philosophical questions, for which he was nicknamed keen supporter of postmodernism, a kind of child of postmodernism.


Many generations of people love to include 38 parrots in good quality because in the cartoon even the most mundane issues result in a lengthy discussion, which require the most careful consideration. The characters were fictional to become scientific experiments. So, boa has a philosophical bent of mind, calm, unhurried and specifies the basic number of all questions that cannot find answers. Parrot is a confrontation with the boa, he is a true theoretician, master of the search for scientific evidence, but personally in the experiments never involved and immediately assumes that the result will get to it. The elephant is an island of skepticism and doubt that is so necessary in scientific circles, and the Monkey has a high vitality and vigor, therefore she is an example for experimentation, because it first does and then thinks.


Watch 38 Popugaev online – for many, means back to childhood, to remember his past and the memories. The fact that the last episode of this cute cartoon already starred in the 90-ies, when the time left its mark on everything, even on a cartoon. All the heroes of your favorite cartoon was no longer the same, and those who had so greatly loved Patriotic movies and cartoons, I prefer to watch Indian movies online for free. Of course, these tapes are entitled to a private audience, and the decent living, but almost forgotten cartoons will forever remain as a legacy.


This cartoon will bring a lot of joy not only to children but also adults, bring a lost sense of beauty from childhood and will be a great final chord of a wonderful weekend. This non-standard series of childhood is a rare representative of the common intellectualism for the younger age and is a very pleasant memory for many.