IF YOU WANT A TRUCK“Passenger car” combined with cargo trailer is an extremely convenient vehicle. However, it is not without flaws, which sometimes nullify all its advantages. In particular, significantly reduces the maneuverability of the car and it becomes almost impossible to reverse because the motorists unlike professional drivers a bad maneuver composite vehicles. Low passing “the Zhiguli” or “Zaporozhets” with a massive “tail” at the country and field roads. So, you need a simple and inexpensive malogruzovaja type scooter “Ant”, but with a closed cabin and higher payload. And best of all — based on motorcycle components and assemblies: this will allow you to register it as a cargo motor transport funds. Moreover, motor units are much cheaper car.

As always, appealed to the sheet set “Moscheni. In the drawings, the frame with longerons, bent from a single pipe. However, if there is no strong bending, the side walls it is possible to do a composite, cook them direct from several blanks. And the joints it is preferable to make straight and diagonal.
In the front part of the frame is set to frame, which is secured to the engine and the so-called main transmission from the motorized FDD. The easiest way to make a subframe of old frame of the motorcycle “IZH-Jupiter” (with any digital index), but not too hard and cook it yourself in the image and likeness “peterhofskoe” frame. The subframe is bolted to the frame of malogruzovaja through the rubber cushion, which reduces vibrations transmitted to the frame of the truck.
The engine, as already mentioned,— of the motorcycle “IZH-Jupiter-5”: modification of this motor with liquid cooling is best suited for all kinds of homemade vehicles. However, it is possible to use the classic “vents”, for which it is easy to arrange cooling with electric fan.
The front axle of the machine is completely improvised, designed for the use of wheels with an extended 50 mm rim from the sidecar FDD. The hubs use roller bearings 7205К. As constant velocity joints of front wheel drive uses the d-pad from the steering mechanism of the vehicle ZIL-130. The front suspension arms are welded steel pipe with . an outer diameter of 30 mm and a wall thickness of 2.5 mm. Steering arm is a pedal connecting rod road bike. Suspension each front wheel — with a pair of motorcycle (“Izhevsk”) shock absorbers. In principle, it is possible to use the elastic suspension elements and other motorcycles, as well as from the side of the Izhevsk motorcycle trailer.
Fig. 1. Malogruzovaja
Fig. 1. Malogruzovaja “Donkey”.
R and p. 2. The layout of malogruzovaja
R and S. 2. The layout of malogruzovaja:
1 — front wheel, 2 — gear, 3 — subframe Engine 4 — the engine (from a motorcycle IZH-Ju-5), 5 — cabin, 6 — truck body, 7 — spars of the body, 8 — wheels rear axle, 9 — spring rear axle, 10 — frame malogruzovaja, 11 — passenger seat, 12 — seat driver, 13 — wishbone front suspension, 14 — front wheel hub, 15 — steering, 16 — axis rear axle, 17 — beam truck rear axle 18 — propeller shaft front wheel drive, 19 — transverse thrust steering linkage, 20 — exhaust pipe with muffler.

R and p. 3. The frame and suspension of malogruzovaja
R and S. 3. The frame and suspension of malogruzovaja:
1 — front support of the engine subframe (steel plate thickness of 5 mm), 2 — cross member Bracket of a front suspension, 3 — shock front suspension (from a motorbike), 4 — back support of the engine subframe (steel channel 50×100 mm), 5 — frame rails (steel pipe with a diameter of 50×2), 6 — front brace (steel pipe diameter 30×2), 7 — rear brace (steel pipe diameter 30×2), 8 — front fork suspension springs (steel channel 50×70 mm), 9 — beam truck rear axle, 10 — spring (from the mobile compressor unit), 11 — earring pendants leaf springs, 12 — front fork suspension springs (steel channel 50×70 mm), 13 — rear cross frame (steel area 50×70 mm), 14,16 — attachment fittings of the spars of the body (steel area 50×70 mm), 15 — clamp with nuts and washers, 17 — wishbone front suspension, 18 front wheel hub, 19,22,24,27 — reinforcing gusset plate (sheet steel thickness 3…4 mm), 20, 21, 25 — crossmember-frame (steel channel 50×100 mm), 23 — the axis of the rear axle (steel pipe diameter 50), a 26 — spring cushion (steel sheet thickness 5 mm), 28 — strut mounts of shock absorbers of the front suspension, 29 — hinges of levers of a front suspension.

R and p. 4. Balance truck rear suspension
R and S. 4. Balance cart rear suspension:
1 — wheel rear axle (from sidecar FDD), 2 — solitaire mounting bushings of the balancer (sheet steel 4 mm thick), 3 — axis rear wheels, 4 — clip rear axle wheels (steel pipe with a diameter of 50), 5 — balancer (steel square tube 50), 6 — bushing balancer (steel pipe 65…70), 7 — liner (PTFE, PCB or caprolon).

R and S. 5. Front wheel location / suspension:
1 — the axis of the knuckle, 2 — bolt bridge, 3, 12 — nuts and cotter pins axles knuckle, 4 — wheel bearing housing (steel strip with a thickness of 5 mm or cut channel), 5 — bearings 7205К, 6 front hub, 7 — nut М16х1,5, 8 — bearing housing 9 — axis, 10 — the lever of a steering trapeze, the 11 — reinforcing the gusset plate, 13 — a nut of fastening of the bridge, 14—, 15 — propeller shaft front wheel drive, 16 — bridge, 17 — suspension forks front suspension, 18, 22 — wishbone front suspension, 19 — bearing housing arm front suspension, 20 — sleeve 21 — solitaire.

The rear axle is also homemade and is also designed for wheel from FDD with extended 50 mm rim. The basis of the rear axle is mounted on a pair of semi-elliptic leaf springs, tubular axle, which is pivotally mounted tandem with a pair of wheels. Each of the springs collected from four plates from a decommissioned mobile compressor unit.
The body of malogruzovaja — plywood 12 mm thick. it is Going on the screws and nuts with dural “parts” 2,5x50x50 mm. the same profiles used to stiffen the plywood body panels. The base body is two wooden spar cross section 50×100 mm, which are fixed on four arms of steel “corner” 50×70 mm, welded in the rear part of the frame. Tailgate body — folding. In addition, there is a removable awning made of artificial leather, stretched on a frame of duralumin pipes.
Cabin malogruzovaja is a wooden frame covered with hardboard thickness 4…5 mm. Mounting skin and skeleton — with casein glue and small nails. Cabin floor — from a sheet of plywood 10 mm thick. To improve the water resistance of the frame and trim covered with three layers cevirme hot linseed oil. Chairs motorized wheelchairs from the FDD.
Steering gear — pinion, also from motorized FDD. From her steering wheel.
The handle gearshift is mounted under the right hand of the driver and short tubular rod connected with the lever, which is a modified regular pedal shifter engine. Under the right hand, you’ll switch and reverse lever with the corresponding gear of the main transmission it is connected a short tubular rod.
The only cable car — the throttle of the carburetor, however, such a short length of rope in budenovskoy the shell can’t create any significant trouble in the operation of malogruzovaja.
The engine is started manually, using derived under the dashboard comfortable grip, which ends with nylon rope. The second end of the cable is attached to the pulley mounted on the shaft of the starting device of the engine.
Wiring malogruzovaja in General the same as that of the motorcycle “IZH-Jupiter-5”, and contains the motor battery, the unit is a rectifier-stabilizer-relay turn signal used on this motorcycle.
Brake system (brake drums, shields, pads, wheel brake cylinders and the brake master cylinder) — also from motorized FDD.
The foot pedal unit of vehicle control is mounted on the plywood floor of the cabin. Set on the floor and levers switching gears and reverse.

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