BIRD AUTODRINKINGFor those who are on their farmstead breeds poultry, I recommend to make avtopoilki: simple in design, reliable in operation (in this case provides good stability even at “unceremoniously” handling it by the birds).

The basis of the whole structure serves as a stand in the form of Tagan — ring with four legs. The legs located at the diverging rays at an angle of 90°relative to one another and at an angle of 45° to the plane of the ring. The diameter of the ring is adopted such that it freely entered (but didn’t) feed tank for water (in this case, this capacity is Bank of the fish — 1 kg).
By the way: the capacity does not necessarily have to be round—it can be rectangular, and square. But in these cases, and the shape of the rim should be appropriate. The legs then it is better to install at the corners.
The construction of the superstructure in all the variants remains the same. Saved and all its heights, although the width may change.
The superstructure consists of two C-shaped, directed towards each other stands. In the upper part to the posts welded rings with an inner diameter slightly larger than the diameter of 1.5-liter plastic bottles (the reserve capacity). The rings are connected by a bracket that serves as a handle when carrying.
Closer to the bottom the racks are mounted on the consoles of two rings of smaller diameter (under the throat of the conical part of the bottle). Console used to allow the centers of the rings that are attached to the same rack were on the same vertical axis. It is important to determine the mounting height of the lower ring: the edge of the finish installed in it bottle must be at the expected level of water in storage tanks (slightly more than half of its height).
For the whole design uses the same material—steel wire with a diameter of 7 mm.
At the end of the construction is covered with oil paint.
“Charged” autodrinking in the following way. To the feed tank, a little more than half filled with water. Then filled with fresh water bottles with screw caps are installed upside down in the ring holders. Then carefully screwed the caps from the bottles. Now autodrinking prepared for a long work, constantly maintaining the set level of the water in the storage tanks as long as water in bottles will not end.
When operating appliances it is advisable to adhere to simple rules:
1. Install on a horizontal platform.
2. Summer shade.
For large herds will require, of course, not one, but several autopilot.
V. PETROV, S. fish, Krasnoyarsk Krai

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