ENDLESS ROULETTETo mark the distance sporting events, to measure the length of the building, land, any distance on the ground conveniently with the hand odometer. It consists of a small inflatable wheels from a child’s Bicycle, the axis of rotation of which nut-lamb attaches to the collapsible handle, made of ski poles, and the counting mechanism from the old meter. His gear is pressed directly to the tire wheel sprung metal strip. After Assembly, carefully measured the distance defined by the line counter of the passed way will get the conversion factor. Now, to determine any distance it is necessary to know the difference between the readings of the device in the beginning and the end of the path and multiply it by the ratio. Well, at the end of the work, the odometer can be easily disassembled, face I portfolio.

N. HERZEN, Berezniki, Perm region.

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