MINI-CHOPPER FROM SCOOTERSince childhood I dreamed about the chopper, stylish and respectable motorcycle that will feel confident on the road and graceful log-in steep turns. Finally my dream partly came true (or rather, I made it myself) — and I have a similar camera. Let not a chopper, as it were, a reduced copy, but riding on it is also a pleasure.

Your mini chopper I made on the basis of mokiki “Carpathian Suite” by applying some of the nodes from the light moped “Riga-13” motorcycle “Minsk” M-104, is not without its, of course, imagination. The machine was stylish, “you can also see”.
And now more about it.
Frame I took from mokiki “Carpathian Suite”, standard mount under the tank cut down, and on the frame I drilled two holes with a diameter of 6 mm at the lugs of the fuel tank of a motorcycle “Minsk” M-104.
Seat left his “karpatskoe”, but his mount was moved back to the distance of 30 mm (so “Minsk” long tank “keratoscope”). The standard roof rack was removed, and in its place attached to the back of the seat under the frame which was used the boot of the “Riga-13”. The frame from a sheet of plywood cut base, which drilled two holes with a diameter of 4.2 mm and inserted the mounting bolts, pre-privaris their hats to the steel strip, It was done so that when fastening the backrest to the frame the bolts cannot rotate, so as to hold them on the opposite side will fail due to the covering of the back. Next to the base with attached foam, sheathed his leatherette and gathered back.
Fig. 1. The layout of the moped
Fig. 1. The layout of a moped
1 — the wheel (from a moped “Riga-13”), 2 — fuel tank capacity 11 l (from a motorcycle “Minsk”); 3 — seat (from mokiki “Carpathian Suite”); 4 — seat backrest (homemade); 5 taillight (from a moped “Riga-13”); 6 —rear wing (from a motorcycle “Minsk”, modified); 7 — attenuator (mokiki “Carpathian Suite”, 2); 8 — rear wheel (mokiki “Carpathian Suite”); 9 — wheel disc (road, 2); 10 — way plug (from the mokiki “Carpathian Suite”); 11 — muffler (moped “Riga-13”); 12 — step (mokiki “Carpathian Suite”); 13 — power unit V 50; 14— front wheel (from a moped “Riga-13”); 15 — front fender (from a motorcycle “Minsk”, modified); 16 — front fork (mokiki “Karpaty”, extended); 17 — the main spotlight (on a moped “Riga-13”); 18 — additional lamp (from a road bike 2 PCs.); 19 — frame (mokiki “Carpathian Suite”); 20 — e-Blok KAT 6; 21 — exhaust pipe (from mokiki “Carpathian Suite”, nastavljena)

Plug collected from the other two. The main fork and the spring — mokik “Karpaty”, and for lengthening used the feathers of a plug from a light moped “Riga-13” From him in the spring screwed head for the bridge plugs are pre-machined rectangular hole that allows you to avoid the “disobedience” of the front wheel (Drawing of the bridge are shown in order, so that if necessary it can be made independently).
Front wheel from a moped “Riga-13”, and rear — mokik “Carpathian Suite”. Front and rear wings — a motorcycle “Minsk” For-125, the cut as shown in the figure.
Headlight from light moped “Riga-13” to install it had a little bend standard mount on the fork On the mounting bolts of headlamp wearing the springs from a Bicycle seat, the ends of which are mounted additional lights. Tail light — from “Riga-13” attached to the rear fender using the two mounting brackets-stands.
The exhaust pipe also collected from the other two. Front knee — standard, mokiki “Carpathian Suite”, only elongated and curved on the end up. This end is welded to a segment of another pipe of smaller diameter, and it is the muffler from a light moped “Riga-13” mounting Brackets of the muffler bent up from plate of 3 mm thickness 40 mm width. One end of the muffler provorachivaetsya to the rear wing on the frame, the other to the standard mount pipe. The photo shows the original position of the tube. Now she is drooping a little bit below in the Parking lot and the exhaust does not impinge on the driver.
Fig. 2. Completion of the wings
Fig. 2. Completion of the wings:
a — front; b — back

Fig. 3. Modified bridge front fork
Fig. 3. Modified bridge front fork (shaded holes redone)
Fig. 4. Details of the seat backrest
Fig. 4. Details of seat back:
a — frame (from the trunk of a moped “Riga-13”); b — base (plywood 53); M4 mounting bolts with plate

The motor is installed standard — V-50 with manual switching of speeds. Cover the clutch and the ignition module polished felt with the use of paste GOI. In the middle of a fuel hose inserted filter from a passenger car, allowing more to operate a moped, not examining and cleaning the carburetor, which in the summer quickly becomes clogged with dust and rust from the bottom of the tank.
On the rear wheel on both sides mounted the hubcaps from cars, to pre-cut each of them a Central hole the diameter of the wheel hub. Also installed a rear view mirror that attaches to the chopper downright “arlievsky”.
V. BELOUSOV, village Alekseevskaya, Volgograd region

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