MY TRACTOR — GARDENERSIn the publication “Model construction” many find useful for themselves, most importantly — a desire to do it yourself. In recent years I’ve done three walk-behind tractor and a mini tractor. In the design of the tractor used a two-cylinder 4-stroke engine UD-25 power 14 HP, added to the pulley to drive the oil pump NSH-32, as well as two modified transmission: engine from a motorcycle “Ural”, leaving her the I-th (working) and IV (transport) of transfer (this box plays the role of the gearbox), and the car “Zaporozhets”, providing her a second support and extending the input shaft.

The machine frame welded from steel pipes. For rear axle used the shortened “stockings”, discs, drums and brake pads from the Volga, and rubber — from the “Fields”. For the front —wheels from the wheelchair motorized wheelchairs and tires of the scooter.
Equipped with a mini-tractor hydraulics for lifting mounted implements — plough and the two Hillers. Apply them in the processing of his dacha.
V. KONOVALOV, Kislovodsk

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