COMPLIANT TRAILERAfter reading in the “M-To” article V. Sedov, “the Trailer for “Jupiter” I thought that the exchange of experiences, ideas and technical solutions encourages and facilitates the work of Amateur designers. Perhaps my thoughts and study will interest readers, come across them on new interesting solutions or at least will help in the technical work.

Throughout the literature I found, almost everywhere, the traditional solution to the layout of the trailer for both car and motorcycle: with a symmetrical location of a node of the coupler relative to the longitudinal axis of the trailer. Design of motorcycle with a sidecar is clearly asymmetric, and the back of the stroller allows you to place the hitch symmetrically with respect to the track, unable to endure it beyond the envelope of the stroller.
Motor-fans come easy — they slip the coupling in the direction of the motorcycle, reducing the force turning the vehicle to the side of the stroller, and facilitates the working conditions of the tractor. However, the track does not coincide with the track of the trailer. In other words, each wheel its pads, which creates increased resistance to motion and complicates driving on dirt roads. Exploiting this trailer, which is shown in the figure, was convinced that to go around obstacles, ride on a dirt road, grader, and especially in the mud with him is very difficult. In addition, the offset of the trailer to the left creates a subjective feeling that he was in favour of the dimensions of a motorcycle; it’s always alarming when passing with oncoming traffic on narrow roads and curves to the right. In addition, for normal operation it is desirable to have a trailer with a soft suspension and minimal weight with a large enough capacity.
All this was the reason for the development and manufacture of a second embodiment of the trailer, which I would like to tell you more.
If you combine track single axle trailer with a track bike, and the coupling to bring the bike (shift left), during motion the forces that deploy the trailer to the right. All this increases the resistance to motion due to the fact that the trailer starts “usit” and uncontrollable “throw” from side to side depending on traction with the road.
Positioning of the trailer.
1. So the trailer is symmetrical relative to the motorcycle with a sidecar, which the towing device is located asymmetrically relative to the track.
2. The offset of the attachment point on the trailer causes movement of the last skid.
3. The trailer is moving strictly on the track of the tug.

In order to reduce the unfolding force, the right wheel of the trailer I moved forward. The magnitude of removal is a purely geometrically: perpendicular drawn from the node coupling to the line connecting the points of tangency of the wheels with the road surface, need to divide this line in half. This method is sufficiently empirical, but accurate calculations in order to find trim points that deploys the trailer by moving the wheels, give almost the same results as the proposed method.
Asymmetric length trailer motorcycle
Asymmetrical length trailer motorcycle “Jupiter”:
1 — the body-frame trailer, 2 — mudguard, 3 — safety rope in the tube PVC, 4 cable with plug connector, 5 — brake cables, the wheels of the trailer, 6 — wheel, 7 — absorber, 8 — rocker wheels.
Trailer steel diagram was made by me in the club samodeyatelnogo tekhnicheskogo tvorchestva “Kvar” and have been exploited. He showed great performance. Due to the broad gauge steady as with a load or without.
Coupling node.
Design of the coupling node
The design of the coupling site:
1 — pole of the motorcycle, 2 — lock, 3 — trailer hitch, 4 — nipple, 5 — ball joint, 6 — pin-retainer.
Particularly pleased with the “obedience” of the trailer, and that he follows closely in the footsteps of the motorcycle. The trailer is equipped with brakes, but to apply them it is rarely necessary. This is necessary for example when transporting heavy loads — in this case the brakes of the trailer are connected by cables to the pedal foot-brake of the motorcycle.
The trailer connects to the bike-the tractor is about the same as a trailer with a passenger car. In the garage it is stored vertically installed on the arc, fixed on the lateral sides, and thus occupies an area about 1 m2. On the sides of the frame welded sleeves (pipes), in which are inserted the arc of the awning.
The trailer has independent suspension. Wheel of the motorcycle “Voskhod”; a larger diameter and less weight compared to motorolleri applied in the first embodiment, facilitate the trailer and increased its permeability.
From “Sunrise” I took the front and rear axle with nuts, which have right and left thread; the two bases of the brake pads of the front wheel, brake pads, cables, brakes, rear shock absorbers, mud flaps and brackets attaching them.
The back of a trailer carrying, wood. Its bottom and sides are made of plywood 10 mm thick.
Parts and assemblies welded metal frame attached to the body by bolts and screws. All frame elements are made mostly of steel profiles, bent from a sheet thickness of 1.5 mm.
Wheel balance weights are made of welded thin-walled steel pipes with diameter of 3/4″. Sleeve under silent blocks machined from pipe 1″. In each sleeve is fitted with two rubber “Moskvich”. Balance weights on the one hand rely via silent blocks on a frame-exterior, on the other hand, one or two attenuator (depending on the desired stiffness and load capacity). In addition, the frame uprights provide space for installation of pneumatic rubber buffer.
The coupling of the tractor and trailer ball. Its design is somewhat different from common usage, although it is no less safe. I did try to get rid of weathering and dirt of a ball bearing. All that is needed is to change the location of the connector coupling.
Installation of the towing device on a motorcycle
Mounting the towing device on the motorcycle:
1 — frame side of the trailer (stroller) motorcycle, 2 — towing device.
Installation of the coupling device does not require alteration of the frame of the motorcycle or sidecar. The fact that any changes in these sites can compromise their strength and reliability, and is not approved neither GAI, nor the manufacturer.
The traction device made of steel square tube 40x40x2 mm. Mounted it between the tension bolts to adjust the toe-in of the motorcycle and sidecar. The mount consists of two split plates of beech and steel plates, tightened with pins M8.
The trailer is equipped with light devices, connected via cable and connector; mating connector is installed on the pipe of the traction device.
I think that this trailer will be of interest to cottagers, and rural residents.
A. TATARNIKOV, a member of CSTT “Cvar”, Ust-Kamenogorsk

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