PARKING SPACE BALCONY...The sky is cloudless and warm. In this weather a nice walk around the town. You open the door to the balcony where you have stored… the car, with the passenger of the future take him out of the apartment, down the Elevator and on the street I put the car on four wheels.

Fiction? Not at all. Such a car actually exists. It’s called “Hummingbird” and built in autoconstruction “Club eternal search” (COI) at the House of pioneers of Leninsky district of Kharkiv. The head of the COI V. Taranukha already familiar to our readers under the article “little micro-car “Crab”(“M-K”, 1980, No. 10).
Judging by the letters, a description of the tricycle attracted the attention of lovers autocostruzione. Those who saw “Crab” in the Central exhibition NTTM, remember the popularity earned him the thoughtful layout and impressive appearance.
Not less interesting I hope, and will cause “Hummingbird.” Differing from the tricycle, he nevertheless retains all his dignity. It seems that the new machine will “take” in children’s avtogorodok and become a common means of initial driver training.
Double “Hummingbird” stands out from existing motorcycles and scooters. Four-wheel drive gives it stability, and the floor, high sides and mud guards protect passengers from spray.
On the sides of autoroller provided by arc security, which serve as supports during maintenance and transportation of the machine.
Design “Hummingbird” — a conglomerate of components and parts of the factory and self-production. Widely used modified elements of the body other machines. For example, the front part of the body “Hummingbird” and the bottom of the trunk was obtained from a cut in half hood scooter “Electron”, and the trunk lid is cut and welded with the insertion of a front fender of a motorcycle “Java”.
Fig. 1. General view of
Fig. 1. General view of the “Hummingbird”:
1 — steering-wheel, 2 — instrument panel 3 — gear shift knob, 4 —front guard 5 — headlight 6 — rear shock absorber, 7 — the clutch pedal (the brake pedal and gas on the right) 8 . security 9 — splash shield, 10 — rear shock, 11 — drive circuit, 12 — license plate, 13 — turn signal, 14 — open the trunk, 15 — seat.

Fig. 2. Housing autoroller
Fig. 2. Housing autoroller:
1 — decorative facing of the duct, 2 — mounting brackets front shock absorber, 3, 9 — units installation of the engine, 4, 6 — fixing tank, 5 — tank. 7 — eye mount rear shock, 8 — the hinge of the rear axle, 10 — mounting bracket of the suspensions of the front wheels, 11 — flanging wing 12 — the Luggage compartment floor, 13 — trunk lid, 14 — Board, 15 — side pipe, 16 — floor autoroller, 17 — lower supporting tube 18, a side panel air duct, 19 — top carrier tube, 20 — cover air duct channel.

Possible question: how to connect two cards without a noticeable seam? It’s very simple — bend the edges of sheet metal parts in the direction of the inside and weld them. Junction on the front side primed, and painted shpaklyuem. This method of connection is found in the design “Hummingbird” often.
The base of the housing is a frame made of Bicycle tubes Ø12, 16 and 25 mm. are welded thereto all leaf elements. And in such a way that the longitudinal axis of the housing formed through the channel. It has an engine sh-52. The air for cooling while riding comes through the grille facing the front of the case.
The engine is fixed at the junctions welded to the power frame of autoroller. Management displayed on the cover of the air duct channel (gear shift knob) and floor (gas pedal, brake, and clutch). The ignition and control devices located on the panel mounted on the front panel. The instrument unit, by the way, made from the front half of gas tank of a moped “Verhovina”.
The gas tank at “Hummingbird” (from “Java”) mounted in the air duct channel under the seat from the same bike.
Behind the seat the second the trunk, open. Taken from “Verkhovyna” and extended to 600 mm. To the back of the tube it is welded to panel with indicator lamps — cut in half and slightly oblique lights in the car VAZ-2101, and license plate. Exactly the same signs and are found. Lights used from the sidecar, housing them redone.
Now the front suspension. Traverse it rotate on axes which are inserted into the tubes welded to the power frame “Hummingbird.” The ends of the traverse are ball joints. In them is fixed the piston rod of front shock absorbers from motorcycles M-105, M-106. The upper ends of the shock absorbers are bolted to brackets on the arcs security.
For rods above ball joints worn pivot bushings, welded with axles of the wheels and the swing arm, and fixed therein through bolts.
From heads of rotary levers are thrust to the longitudinal axis of autoroller where the steering column shaft, passed through the lid of the air duct channel. The steering column is folded to reduce the overall height of the machine, which is important when storing it in small spaces.
Rims homemade cast aluminum. Their sizes are the same as we drive the wheels of the rear axle.
The basis of the rear axle is a steel axle on which the brake drum from motorcycle M-105 and four bearings in a housing. The drum is put on the collet.
Fig. 3. View decorative trim on the front.
Fig. 3. View decorative trim on the front.
Fig. 4. Suspension front wheel
Fig. 4. Front wheel location / suspension:
1 — absorber, 2 — swivel bushing, 3 — bolt damper, 4 — Travers, a 5 ball joint 6 — axis suspension, 7 — node suspension, 8 — pivot arm, 9 — disc wheels 10, 12 — bearing, 11 — wheel, 13 — bus-25 3,5X5.

Fig. 5. Rear axle
Fig. 5. Rear axle:
1 — bus-25 3,5X5, 2 — disc wheels, 3 — puck Ø40Х16Х4 mm, 4 — collet wheel 5 — bearing No. 304 (4 PCs), 6 — axis, 7— brake lever, 8 — sprocket drum, 9 — collet reel, 10 — bolt M8X1. 25 (4 PCs), 11 — thrust, 12 — fixing unit. 13 — stressing the brake cable. 14 — cable 15 — knots of the suspension bridge, 16 — transverse cross member, 17 — longitudinal traverse of 18 attachment points of the rear dampers.
The force from the motor shaft is transmitted through a chain, draped over the sprocket drum. Brake drum; it is driven by a cable from the pedal installed on the floor.
Suspended bridge four nodes. Two of them are located on the transverse traverse and bonded with the body “heat” in the bottom. Other nodes on the longitudinal traverse. These are mounted rear shock absorbers from motorcycles M-105, M-106, which transmit the efforts to the upper part of the body of autoroller where there are corresponding eyelets fastening.
Takaw suspension bridge promotes reliable torque transmission from the engine, effective braking and a soft ride.
I must say that “Hummingbird” is generally a very convenient and easy to handle. If necessary, the level of comfort can be improved providing autoroller cloth top and windshield.

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