PEDAL SURFERThe windsurfer, like any sailboat needs wind. Meanwhile his body-the float if necessary, you can swim in the calm. In the journal “modelist-Konstruktor” once mentioned about using the body in the rowing version, with two-bladed paddle or with a conventional pair of oars (though in the latter case, had to build a removable frame with a seat and two supports under the oarlocks).

A recent article in the journal “modelist-Konstruktor” on fast aquapage brought us to the idea of making rowing a console that would allow to transform the body of the windsurfer, have excellent hydrodynamics, comfortable pleasure Pedalo. Soon the idea was implemented and it was not too difficult.
Rowing attachment of the wheel mover is a lightweight welded metal frame, which is mounted on the pedal Assembly from the drive sprocket and the propeller shaft attached to it by paddle wheels and driven sprocket. Rower is located directly behind the console on the bench, collected from birch slats.
Rama consoles are assembled by welding of steel pipes of square and rectangular cross-section. In the front part of the console is fixed a vertical pipe of rectangular cross section welded to it with bike chariot. The joint frame and the console is reinforced with two triangular steel gussets. The carriage is equipped with a standard Bicycle with pedals and a leading asterisk.
Recreational surfer with a pedal
Walking surfer with a pedal:
1 — the case of the windsurfer; 2 — wheel; 3 — keel; 4 — starcrazy; 5 — steering pen; 6 — traverse steering gear; 7 — seat; 8 — frame rowing consoles

Steering gear
Steering gear:
1 — mount cross member (nut M10); 2 — washer; 3 — the liner (birch stick); 4 — a remote washer; 5 — a steering shaft (steel, pin M10); 6 — traverse (aluminum, sheet s3); 7 — steering pen (plywood s20)

In the middle of the frame are two bearings, in which rotates propeller shaft — casing each of them represents a piece of pipe with a diameter of 34×3 mm and a length of 100 mm, plain bearings — PTFE liners. The propeller shaft is a steel pipe 20×2,5 mm with mounted on it a driven sprocket. The latter consists of stars from the children’s bike and welded thereto a steel sleeve with an inner diameter of 20 mm. shaft sprocket is fastened with the bolt of M6 with nut and spring washer.
To ensure the alignment of the right and left bearing supports their installation on the frame it is advisable to insert them into the propeller shaft. It should at first only to grab the body, and then, after extracting PTFE bushings, weld completely.
At the ends of the shaft are mounted paddle wheels, each of which consists of a hub and blades. The hub is welded, it is assembled from a Central sleeve (pipe 34×3 mm) and a pair of disc cut from steel sheet of thickness 2.5 mm. the Blades are wooden, birch boards section 120×20 mm To the hub the blades are attached with screws-screws — four screws each. Before assembling the paddle wheel blades are covered by three layers of two-component parquet lacquer and bright enamel, and hub — rust Converter, primer and two or three coats of automotive enamel.
Rowing console:
1 — pedals (Bicycle carriage with pedals with an asterisk); 2 — blade paddle wheel (birch, Board 120×20); 3 — the lower part of the frame (steel pipe 30×30); 4 console (steel, pipe 50×30); 5 — solitaire (steel, sheet s2,5); 6 — sprocket driven; 7 — retainer sprocket (bolt of M6 with nut and spring washer); 8 — bracket (steel, strip 30×3); 9 — hull bearing Assembly (steel, pipe 34×3); 10 — bushing hub paddle wheels (steel, pipe 34×3); 11 — cheek hub (steel, sheet s2,5); 12 — fastening the blade wheel (screw-tapping screw 4×30): 13 — liner (PTFE); 14 — bushing (aluminum); 15 — lock paddle wheels (bolt of M6 with nut and spring washer); 16 — propeller shaft (steel, pipe 20×2,5)

1 — bracket (made of anodized aluminum, sheet s3); 2 — cross strap backless (birch, rack 60×20); 3 — brace (birch, rail 25×25); 4 — cross strap seat (birch, rack 60×20); 5 — base (30×30 block); 6 – seat frame (birch, 50×25 rail); 7 — frame of the backrest (birch, rail 25×25); 8 — screw-self tapping (3×40); 9,10 — bolts M6 nuts (10 set).

The chair is assembled from birch slats. First, prepare the seat frame and backrest, to which the respective longitudinal rails are attached with screws and epoxy glue planks cross members, and then from these nodes with the help of furniture bolts and nuts is going to the chair. At the bottom of the seat are fixed birch bars of the base. Coverage of the chair consists of three layers of varnish parquet.
Seat and rowing attachment fixed to the surfer with the screws wrapped in embedded in the shell of the boat dural threaded bushings dowels.
To create optimal stability instead of standard centerboard for a surfer there is a small keel, carved from a 20-mm plywood.
The steering gear consists of steering a plywood pen, mounted on a shaft, a steel pin with a diameter of 10 mm. Shaft secured in the hinge — cut steel pipe and glued to the rear of the hull of the windsurfer, at the location of the regular fin; top and bottom in the hinge mounted PTFE liners. The steering is feather has a well-streamlined, symmetrical profile; after processing, this item is covered by three layers of varnish parquet. The steering shaft is glued into the pen on the epoxy binder. At the upper end of the shaft with two nuts fastened traverse — duplici the lever with which you can control the surfer. Control is the simplest way with the aid terminated the traverse of the two nylon storeroom.

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