PLOW... TRUCKIn the journal “modelist-Konstruktor” already repeatedly told about motalbezadeh — tillage interesting mechanisms for gaining lately more and more popularity among Amateur designers. Indeed, the advantages of this wonderful device is undeniable. The fact that the winch (by the way, one of the most ancient mechanisms in the history of civilization), in contrast to the self-propelled tilling machines, sends its power to the creation of the pulling effort.

In today’s post — a variant of the simplest motoliberty.
The basis of motoliberty is /-50 is a fairly common engine of about two horsepower, available on the majority “heavy” moped type “Karpaty”, “Verkhovyna” or “Riga”. Suitable motors earlier editions — sh-58, sh-62, etc.
The motor is installed on Motorama welded from lengths of steel pipes with a diameter of 30×2. 5 mm and sheet steel with a thickness of about 3 mm. from Top to Motorama attached to the handlebar of a moped, on the bottom base area of the pipes of the drum and sprocket drive. Back on the supporting platform hinged anchor — P-shaped spring-assisted tubular frame with two welded to it with anchors made of steel plates sharpened similar to a blade bayonet shovels.
As the drum winch used wheel hub of a moped, which is attached to dural cheek and sprocket driven — for example, a big gear from a road bike.
Fuel tank — plastic canister with a capacity of 2…3 years, in its lower part is standard motor tap with a sump.
The winch controls are the same as any moped right handlebar is the throttle and the hand brake lever (that with it, braked a bit later), left clutch lever and moped switch gear box.
The engine is equipped with a small motoliberty a homemade silencer made from a thin-walled pipe of 0 20 and 80 mm and a couple of caps from sheet steel with a thickness of 2 mm. Inside of the muffler — matted steel wire, or thin chips. The device is extremely simple, but effective.
Typically, the engine may be long enough to work without forced cooling, especially if it is blown by the wind. However, it is still safer to equip it with air cooling system. For this purpose the rotor-flywheel is fixed a pulley belt transmission and cylinder head — bracket with bearing housing in which two sets of ball bearings, having a shaft with a pulley and fan.
Motoliberty design I. Sorokina
Motoliberty design I. Sorokina:
I — fuel tank 2 – node struts front engine mounts, 3 — engine, 4 — damper, 5 — lever clutch 6 – shift lever, 7 — control handle throttle of the carburettor (“gas”), 8 — the lever of a manual brake, 9 — stand motor, 10 — cheeks rear mount engine, 11 — drum winch, 12 — crossbar motor, 13 — bridges plugs, 14 — wire 0 5 mm, 15 — guiding ring (wire 0 8 mm), 16 — base area (pipe 22×2,5 mm), 17 — anchor 18 — the anchor device 19 — sprocket drive. (View from the left: the engine and the anchor device are not shown).

1 — footboard (pipe 22×2. 5 mm), 2 — bracket foot pegs, 3 — steering column (tube 30×2,5 mm), 4 — axle steering column (bolt M12 with nut and washer), 5,7 — gusset plate (a steel thickness of 2.5 mm), 6 — pole (tube 40×2. 5 mm), 8 — seat bracket (channel 50x30x3 mm), 9 — seat 10 — seat post (tube 22×2,5 mm), 11 — MB bolt with nut, 12, 14 — the wall and the underside (plywood 12 mm thick), 13 —trim (area 40х40х x2,5 mm), 15 — bolt M8 with nut and washer, 16 — cradle body (wood block, 40×100 mm cross-section), 17, 21 —supporting platform of the cradle body (steel, 3 mm thick), 18 — brace (pipe 22×2,5 mm), 19, 22 — wheels, 20 — axle truck, 23 — sprocket drive front driving wheels.

Now a little about how to use this motoliberty. It is placed on the edge of the area and lock the anchor device. The switch changes transmission translate in neutral position, and a working tool (plow, cultivator or Hiller) refers to the opposite end of the site. It is best to work in pairs: one controls the winch and the other is a plow. Then use the kick start and warm up the engine, squeeze the lever to clutch control, include first gear, then slowly release the lever. The cable begins to be wound on the drum, and the plow — to move. That’s all. According to the owners of such metalbeat, it is less tiring than self-propelled units with tillers, motorizada or even microfracture.
Of course, to use a convenient, compact power unit only for the treatment of the soil would be irrational. Meanwhile, motoliberty — behind tractor, which can be aggregated and other agricultural tools. First and foremost, is a cargo trailer that turns motoliberty in malogruzovaja. By using such “hybrid”, for example, perfectly solved the problem of delivery of motoliberty to and from work — it gets there quite independently and also makes himself a plow or cultivator, shovels, planting material, etc. To place the truck for half an hour turns into motoliberty, which produce the intended work. And then the reverse transformation, and malogruzovaja brings home not only the driver and agricultural tools, but also, for example, the harvest of potatoes.
To turn motoliberty in the truck, you’ll need to modify a little bit. This is a reference platform on the frame, set the wheel-driven sprocket (e.g., from minimatica), and the cable from the hand brake lever on the right handlebar connected to the braking device on the wheel hub.
Now you need to make a cargo trailer. It is a welded frame, assembled from pipes of different diameters, a plywood body and wheels from the same mini-mokik. With the engine fit in the frame with the drawbar having at the front end of the steering column — a section of pipe 0 30×2. 5 mm with a pair of textolite or bronze bushings. The other end
the drawbar is welded to the bogie axle — cut steel pipe 0 30×2. 5 mm, which is fixed by welding two half-axles, which is a step rollers with the thread on the external parts. The diameter of the axle shaft must match the diameter of the wheel bearing.
To the axis of the truck and welded two brace with pads for mounting of the cradle body, carved from a block of wood with a cross-section 40×100 mm. the Body is assembled from plywood (12 mm thick) billets and steel or dural corners on bolts and nuts with thread MB. To the frame body fastened with bolts and nuts with thread M8.
Before the body is mounted the seat and T-shaped footrest for the driver. The seat can be take from any moped, however, it is easy to do it on their own out of plywood, foam and faux leather.
If malogruzovaja will be used in the dark, it is recommended to equip it with headlights and tail lights, as on a moped, from the low-voltage winding of the generator.
It should be noted that the steering angle is about 90° to the right and to the left, so that the cultivator is able to turn literally on a dime.
I. SOROKIN, engineer

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