PLOW WINCHGround treatment — the work is physically difficult. To facilitate the farmers-gardeners and used mini tractors and tillers. I thought that it is best for such work fits motoliberty, and produced his own. The power unit of motoliberty from scooter “Vyatka-Electron”. It is quite powerful and so good that supplied with standard air cooling system.

Motoliberty frame made from water pipes with a diameter of 40 mm. Here I note that it also serves as a silencer — the exhaust gases are discharged inside its pipes and the sound is effectively damped on the long path, passing gas, and when two threads converging in front of the lead pipe.
To decrease the rpm and increase torque to the drive winch included chain transmission with a gear ratio of 3.5.
Winch with steel cable with a diameter of 3.5 mm and a length of about 30 m. To its free end, hooks of different tillage operation, which is controlled by the assistant.
Handlebar control levers from the bike.
M. SERKOV, p. Chagoda, Vologda region

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