SANI — FORWARD!In his letter to the editor a resident of the village of Blagoveschenka of Altai Krai V. N. Ermakov calls himself a regular and faithful reader of our magazine. However, Viktor’s being modest — he is not only a reader but also an active author, “Model construction”. For nearly 20 years Viktor regularly shares with readers his innovations and technical creativity. But his ardent and constant passion aerotekhnika, in particular snowmobiles and engines to them.


It’s been 8 years since then, as the article about my snowmobile “Space” was printed in the pages of “Modeller-designer” (#1, 1998). Unfortunately, the number of published on the topic of materials over the years can be counted on the fingers, although I’m sure that the interest Aerotechnica constructors-homebrew is great, and not only among the inhabitants of Altai and the far North.
After the “Space” I got a new snowmobile (yet untitled, it will Mature later when it’s done cabin), this time single. And although they are built on the classical scheme trehmernoi, I hope that readers will be interested in new design solutions of the ski, suspension, steering, etc. But all this in the following materials, and this publication is dedicated to I have developed various variants of the power plant for aerotechnik.
Start with the engine, designated D-30 (photo 1). It is a 2-cylinder, on the basis of the details of the scooter Tulitsa and starting engine PD-8 has a capacity of 30 HP. Single carb-TO-62И two cylinder Gear reducer from the engine timing of tractor MTZ-80 (gear ratio I = 2,65).
Photo 1. Engine D-30
Photo 1. Engine D-30
Photo 2. D-30 with electronic ignition system
Photo 2. D-30 with electronic ignition system
Photo 3. D-15 (left — back, right — front view)
Photo 3. D-15 (left — back, right — front view)
The unit presented in this picture, equipped with electric starter and battery type 6 ST-45. Generator G-424 from a motorcycle “Ural”. The ignition battery, ignition coil VAZ-2106 (2 PCs.), chopper from “Jupiter-5,” voltage regulator — 121.3702 M, tachometer from VAZ-2106. Provides a supply of heated air to the carb (exhaust pipe right at the cylinder stroke). The fuel tank capacity is 30 l the Flow of gasoline to the carburetor when the engine is running is a vacuum gas pump, before starting the pump from the VAZ-2106, which is included in the input trunk in series with the vacuum. The generator drive belt. The starter and battery 6ST-45 can be removed by replacing one battery 6МТС-9 is a lightweight option (when starting the engine for the screw).
Screw diameter — 1.6 m the Direction of rotation of the propeller — left.
D-30 was tested with other ignition systems (photo 2). On the left trunnion of the crankshaft mounted generator 43.3701; on the right axle — drive for dvuhkrugovogo magneto (pictured ignition electronic, with two sensors, two switches, CAT-1A and coils B-300B). In this embodiment, the magneto is a backup ignition. Reconfiguration on the above ignition system is not complicated and takes very little time.
The working cycle in the cylinders D-30 are offset by 180°, the engine is well balanced, almost no vibration. Engine weight is 40 kg.
When assembling the D-30 used items “Tulitsa” (no change): cylinders, heads, pistons with rings, carburetor (K-62И), sealed bearings, crankshafts (one axle was processed under the cone for generator 43.3701). As the crankcases crankshafts were used prepared from the starting engine PD-8 (tractor T-40) with slight modifications
On these sleds has been tested and other engines (single cylinder): D-15 (0,8 — 40); D-15ts (1,4 — 60); D-15z (1,45 — 65) — on the basis of “Tulitsa” and DD-8; D-22 on the basis of IZH-P-5 and PD-10.
D-15 (3) is essentially the base module for the D-30 and other possible engines (3 – and 4-cylinder). Engine weight 20 kg, power 15 HP, Gearbox for the propeller module is missing; the diameter of the used screw is 0.8 m pull — 40 kgs. Can be used on light planes and ultralight aircraft (gliders, hang-gliders, etc.), as well as on boats as an alternative hydrovent where he can’t work due to the winding of grass blades or damage by underwater obstructions: rocks, driftwood. And most importantly — with such Aeromotive plants boats can go in shallow water.
Photo 4. D-15ts (left - back, right - front view)
Photo 4. D-15ts (left – back, right – front view)
Photo 5. D-15z with integrated gear reducer (left — front view, right back view) Photo 5. D-15z with integrated gear reducer (left — front view, right back view)
Photo 5. D-15z with integrated gear reducer (left — front view, right back view)
D-15ts (photo 4) is characterized by the presence of chain gear on the propeller of this engine transmission “Tulitsa” = 2,353). A motor with a screw with diameter of 1.4 m and weighs 25 kg and develops higher tractive effort up to 60 kgf, which extends the possibilities of its application.
D-15z (photo 5) has a built-in gear reducer (i = 2.5) of the.
The screw diameter is 1.45 m, the pull — 65 kg, weight 27 kg. is Recommended for use on light planes, paragliders, hang gliders, microplane. The gears in the gearbox from the engine timing “KAMAZ-740”.
All engines series D-15 have a power of 15 HP can be set-ignition: magnetos, electronic, Dina-starter
D-22 is a “half” engine M-40, described in the “Modeller-designer” (#1, 1998). He built from parts starting motor PD-10 (crankcase, crankshaft, piston rings) and IZH-P-5 (cylinder, head, carb). Power 20 — 22 HP Has a built-in gearbox (i = 2,65), screw diameter — 1.5 m, pull — 85 kgs, weight — 40 kg. it Should be noted drawback is the vibrations from the crank that can be removed by a special attachment to the frame of the snowmobile.
On the basis of the module of the D-15 I developed (in the drawings) 3 – and 4-cylinder engines. However, before the construction it did not come: I have a need for them yet.
V. ERMAKOV, p. Blagoveshchenka, Altai Krai

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