SLED WITH AEROFOAMYThe manufacture of snowmobiles, which will go below it preceded by the construction of more than a dozen of the other: single and double; single, double and trehlistnyj schemes. Typically, these designs are copied from some other. Their further operation showed that they were not all successful. However, during construction and use is acquired and accumulated the necessary experience that enabled you to do already and the original snowmobile, which will be the story.

Starting a conversation about the design, I note that the snowmobile was created by the hands of the members of the club Mikhail Beijing and the brothers Alexander and Victor Kuzmin.

First sled was conceived as a symbiosis of the snowmobile machines and aircraft (more precisely, wig) — they were to install a wing of small aspect ratio, and aerodynamic rudders and height.

But, on reflection, decided not to put wing, but to limit tail with an aerodynamic rudders.

Readers probably already guessed that snowmobile is made for dublenoj scheme. Skis and are located at the ends of the bar, and not a tandem, i.e., are unstable in longitudinal direction. Therefore, as the third leg in the rear used a crutch (in aviation terminology), more like a Shoe. But this support is involved only in the Parking lot or when braking.

The body of the snowmobile in form, and resembles a flat-bottomed canoe. His power set is made of straight grained pine sticks with a cross-section 25×25 mm. the Kit consists of two curved spars (lower rails) and a pair of stringers (the upper longitudinal elements) connected by crossbars and uprights made of pine sticks with cross-section 20×20 mm.

Snowmobile airplane control

Snowmobile airplane control:

1—housing; 2—ski (2); 3—cone (glass); 4—lever engine control (ORES); 5—handle of controlling the aerodynamic rudders; 6—seat; 7—motor mount (steel pipe d22); 8—engine (IZH СД1012); 9—propeller; 10—vertical thrust of the Elevator; 11—the rudder (2); 12—foot; 13 — seat; 14—front wheels (tube d22,2 PCs.); 15—the muffler; 16—the traverse (Board 1080х160х40); 17 —thrust rudders (tube d12); 18—longitudinal traction of the Elevator; 19—crossbar racks with holder; 20—steering wheel height; 21 —brace struts rudders (tube d12, 2 PCs.)

The frame body of the snowmobile

The frame body of the snowmobile:

1—top rail (pine 25×25,2); 2—stem (pine timber); 3—lower timber (pine 25×25, 2); 4 — front (the pine bar of 20×20, 10 PCs); 5 — brace (pine bar 15×15, 11 items); 6— sternpost (pine timber); 7—solitaire frame (plywood s, 12 PCs); 8 — solitaire bulkhead (plywood s, 16 pieces); 9—cross member (pine bar 20×20, 8 PCs.); 10—strut (pine bar 20×20, 2 PCs.)


Sub frame

Sub frame:

1 —front (tube d22, 4-piece); 2—brace (pipe d22 4 PCs); 3—bracket-trim mounting sub-frame to the hull (steel, sheet s3, 4 pieces); 4—eyelet platform engine (area of steel sheet, s, 4 pieces); 5—cross (pipe d22)


Propeller band

Propeller group:

1 —engine; 2—silencer; 3—reducer; 4—sub-plate; 5—motor; 6—rotor; 7—carb


The body of the snowmobile without the deck

The body of the snowmobile without deck


Control circuit of the snowmobile

Control circuitry snowmobile:

1 —handle control of the snowmobile; 2— propeller control handle Assembly; 3 — rocking chair front rudder; 4 — longitudinal traction of the Elevator; 5—rear rocking of the Elevator; 6—axis of the rear rocking of the Elevator; 7—vertical thrust of the Elevator; 8—bracket-plug of the Elevator; 9—Elevator; 10—the lever of pull-rod of the rudder; 11 —pull rudder; 12—the plug of the rudder; 13 — bracket-fork rod (2 PCs.); 14 — rudder (2); 15—coupling rudders; 16 — hinge (13 pieces); 17—the case of the snowmobile


The management node snowmobile

The control unit snowmobile:

1—handle (tube d20); 2—the lever arm of the rudder (tube 20×20); 3 — vertical axis (M5 bolt); 4—the lever of pull-rod of the rudder (tube 20×20); 5 — tip fork lever; 6 — arm of the Elevator (tube 20×20); 7 — horizontal axis (M5 bolt); 8—the lever of the Elevator (tube 20×20) 9—pull rudder (dural tube d10); 10—pull rudder (dural tube d10)


The body has a handle control of the snowmobile and traction to the wheels (pictured on the right propeller control unit)


The body has a handle control of the snowmobile and traction to the wheels (pictured on the right propeller control unit)

The body has a handle control of the snowmobile and traction to the wheels (pictured on the right propeller control unit)


Ski and its suspension traverse

Ski and its suspension on the traverse:

1—sole (plastic s5); 2—snake (Board s20); 3—boxes (Board s20); 4—lower bracket-hinge (steel, sheet 53, 2 PCs); 5 — upper U-shaped bracket of the hinge (steel, sheet s); 6—spacer (Board 180×40); 7—traverse (Board 240×40); 8 — mount spacers to traverse (furniture screw M8-4 pieces); 9—axis hinge (M8 stud)


The Elevator

The Elevator:

1—arc frame (pipe d16); 2 — frame base (pipe d16); 3 — cross (pipe d16, 3). 4—brackets, lugs pivotally mounting a rudder to the posts (steel, sheet s, 2 pairs); 5—steering cable bracket


The rigidity of the frame body provides struts, made from a pine bar section 15×15 mm, and knize, made of the same plywood as the panels, of a thickness of 3 mm.

Crossmember, rack and cnici form the frames. Frames, in General, different, but similar. They’re installed where there are the highest loads on the body in places of fastening of racks of the motor, skis, seat layout.


The casing frame is solid. Only the top surface (deck) composite made from several sheets of plywood that are each hatch for access inside.

The Assembly of parts of the carcass carried out on epoxy glue and small nails.

From the bottom to the body with two ladders drawn traverse (Board thickness of 40 mm). At the ends of the yoke through the spacer hanging on the hinge brackets, a pair of wooden skis — chassis snowmobiles. Their runners are made of pine boards with a thickness of


Design of rudders and height — the same type of frame.

The framework is welded from thin-walled steel pipes with a diameter of 12 mm and covered with a thin waterproof fabric, worn on the frame like a pillowcase on a pillow, and sewn to the front edge.


Shape of flat semi-elliptical rudder. Only rudders ellipse dissected along the minor axis, and rudder — large.

Rudders are pivotally mounted on racks, and handlebar height on the upper ends of these struts. The Desk is made from steel pipe with a diameter of 22 mm and mounted on a stern of the hull. It is controlled by a single lever mounted on the starboard side of the hull through the thrust: Elevator — deflection of the lever forward or backward, and rudders to the right or left.

Braking is also produced from this lever, taking the handle “on itself” or a reduction of propeller thrust (throttling) when the Shoe catches on the snow (or ice).

Engine management is handled by a separate lever mounted on the left side cable runs through in budenovskoy braid.

The engine of the snowmobile ID СД1012 tractor starter motor power 17 BHP (3800 rpm) air cooling. It is installed on Motorama at the back seat of the pilot. The engine cylinder is interlocked with the reduction gear with a ratio of 1.63. The motor runs from the handle with a rope. The engine runs on gasoline A-76 or A-80. Fuel tank (5 litre canister) is installed near the engine just above the carburetor, and the fuel is supplied by gravity. Silencer — homemade, from stainless steel.

Propeller — two-bladed, constant pitch 0.45 m, wood with a diameter of 1.1 m. engine mount is welded of steel thin-walled pipes with a diameter of 22 mm.

The seat is home-made, removable. The basis is the plastic from a Park carousel. His lined with foam and covered with leatherette. If necessary, ahead of him is fixed and the passenger seat. If possible, the snowmobile equipped with a fairing and seat belts. The driver and passenger must have helmets.

Since steering racks are not a fence of the propeller, it is desirable to enclose a screw in a lattice cover that in our future plans.

A. ANTONENKO, G. Starodub, Bryansk region.

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