TRACTOR-TRUCKThe hinged trailer was manufactured and installed on the tractor MTZ-5 (Fig. 1). Figure 2 shows a diagram of the tipper Assembly. Its main parts: a support frame body, weld metal landing frame and precast plank exterior.

Frame (Fig. 3) consists of two welded between cross members prodannyh beams (steel channel No. 12). At their rear ends have longitudinal braces, in which the axis of the landing frame. To increase the rigidity to the inner surfaces of the beams are welded to the gusset plate sheet steel with a thickness of 10 mm. Back strap with emphasis installed in places of fastening beams to the rear axle housing of the tractor.
The landing frame (Fig. 4) forms the base body has a cross-bar of angle steel to which are welded two lugs. The latter are connected pivotally with predelnye beams (see Fig. 2) hydraulic hoist.
Fig. 1. Tractor MTZ-5 with hinged back.
Fig. 1. Tractor MTZ-5 with hinged back.
Fig. 2. The scheme of the tipper (complete):
1 — frame, 2 — frame landing is a 3 — body, 4 — longitudinal beam of the hydraulic lift.
Fig. 3. Frame:
1 — eye, 2, 3 — cross, 4 — beam main frame, 5 — a scarf 6 — strip focusing, the 7 — lugs of the retainer body.
Fig. 4. Landing:
1 — longitudinal area, 2 — rail, 3 — bar.

The body is made of wooden planks. The bottom, bolted to the landing frame, is rigidly connected with the front and side boards with steel angles and bolts. The rear Board is hinged, with side hinges at the top, the bottom part has a simple latch.
Mounted hinged body type-truck tractor MTZ-5 in the following order. The frame is bolted to the rear axle housing of the tractor. For this purpose it has on the side surfaces of the four threaded holes. Hydraulic hoist beams pivotally connected with the lugs of the landing frame of the body. Then the rear ends of the Seating frame connected to a steel rod Ø 23 mm lug rear ends prodannyh beams of the frame.
WORK ATTACHMENT OF THE TRAILER-TRUCK. Before loading bulk fertilizers in the body should lock tailgate latch.
The load capacity of the attachment of the tipper calculated for 1 t
When unloading pre-open the latch holding the tailgate in the closed position, then include a hydraulic lift of the tractor. Beams of hydropotinae raise the body by 50°, the tailgate opens and the cargo spills out.

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