TRAILER-UNIVERSALIn recent years, more and more difficult to find untrodden place, even in the Northern Russian province, for collecting berries, mushrooms and, of course, hunting. The most attractive place for recreation usually found along the banks of small rivers, lakes and canals between them. But you must have at least a boat. To this end, I bought from one of the provincial craftsmen great homemade fiberglass hull of a small boat with an outboard motor “Whirlwind”. To bind to its Parking place, and free to travel with him, decided to make the boat light, strong, with good patency of the trailer to the car (at that time I was “Moskvich-2140”). And, besides, he was supposed to be universal, that is to have a detachable body for transportation of any goods from the house to the cottage and back.

According to my calculations, corresponds to these requirements spinal the construction trailer. “The ridge”, aka pole, is a power pipe, which impaled the bridge with pendants of wheels.
The bridge is made of relatively thin steel sheet, it turned out complicated forms. The fact that the neighbor in the garage gave me a suspension wheel Assembly (presumably from the wheelchair sidecar one of the first modifications). Therefore, it was necessary to provide the bridge with the installation of its connecting nodes in the same way as it was on the scooter, and veto and I have not seen. Had to work: to think over the design, providing for improved patency of the trailer arch, draw and cut out the paper patterns, glued them a bridge in 1:1 scale and to determine the exact layout of the location of the attachment points of the suspension.
The design was a success. It has confirmed its operation in different conditions for several years, although it is practically devoid of any additional reinforcing elements, in addition to the pads under the lugs of the springs and plates placed inside above the leaves, which are attached to the eyelets of the suspension arms. By the way, due to the difference in diameters of the bolt holes in sheets and plates, fixing lugs, by changing their position, adjust the camber and toe-in of wheels.
Car trailer (shown unloaded)
Car trailer (shown unloaded):
1 — node coupling (standard); 2 — mounting brackets spare wheel (STZ, sheet s2); a 3 — hour stop of the bow and the stern with a hook (STZ, pipe 40x25x2); 4 — cradle keel; 5—feed cradle (pine, rubber); 6 — strut transom hook (STZ); 7 — rear lamps (VAZ-2101); 8 — beam rear lights (D16T, channel 80×35); 9 — brackets I-beam of the rear lights (STZ, sheet s2); 10 extension cable (STZ, pipe 49×3, L1300); 11 — pole (STZ, pipe 55×3); 12 — (STZ, pipe 20×2, Ь550); 13 — wiring harness; 14 — safety chain (2); 15 — sidewall coupling device (STZ, 50×32 channel); 16 — light license plate light (UAZ-469); 17 — sign license; 18 — bracket mount feed cradle (STZ, sheet s2); 19 — beam frame (STZ, pipe 40x25x2); 20 — Klondike (STZ, sheet s2, 2); 21 —emphasis attenuator (STZ, sheet B2); 22 — bridge (STZ, sheet s1 ,2); 23 — cushion (rubber, sheet s5); 24 — the cradle main (pine); 25 — a bolt M5 (8 PCs); 26 — wing (D16T, sheet s2); 27 — spring; 28 — stopper charms (rubber); 29 — absorber; 30 — the lever of the suspension; 31 — eye fastening lever (STZ, channel 40x40x3); 32 — house (from scaffolding); 33 — a bolt-lock M12 (2); 34 — the lever axle (M12); 35 — emphasis (4 items); 36 — a safety belt; 37 — pad thrust (STZ, sheet s2, 2); 38 — plate reinforcing (STZ, sheet s2, 2 PCs.).
Fitting the body (the left wing of the trailer is not shown)

Install the body (the left wing of the trailer is not shown):
1 — body; 2 — locks.
Lever arm

Lever arm:
1 — Bush silent-block (pipe 28×2); 2 — shoulder (tube 26×2); 3 — coupler (tube 26×2); 4,6 — mounting hub (sheet s8); 5 — base of the springs (sheet s8); 7 — a nave; 8 — bracket (sheet s5); 9 — the axis of the shock absorber; 10 — flange.

Reliable connection of the drawbar with the bridge provide two castles, borrowed from the scaffolding, welded on the inner side of the middle arch. This design allows you to align the trailer and to adjust the load on the rear axle of the vehicle when transporting on a trailer of cargo of different weight and dimensions. With the same purpose, the shaft is back equipped with a telescopic jib, which is mounted aft of the cradle, transom hooks and the bumper from the lighting equipment. Above the locks was a good find, so I used them for mounting on the drawbar of the rack lock of the stem, the keel cradle and the body.
Dimensions, mm:
length with drawbar for the boat. …2750
for other cargo……………. ….2050
width………………………….. ….1450
Body dimensions, mm:
length …………………………….. … 1400
width…………………………… … 1120
height…………………………… …..350
Curb weight, kg………… ……100
Load capacity, kg………….. .up to 500
Track in the loaded
condition, mm…………………. … 1350
the device … OST 37.001.096-89

The body or load platform of the trailer, welded structure made of steel sheet 1.2 mm thick and has a power frame. Strength and minimal weight of the body are provided with chamfered sides. To lower the location of the center of mass of the trailer and, consequently, improve its stability on the road at the bottom of the platform is made of the transverse tunnel in which is included the upper part of the bridge. Thus, the body rests on the sides of the bridge and is fixed with two locks — front and rear.
The trailer performs well on the highway, and the permeability of it at the lane and even on the road beyond praise. For all the time I exploit it, only had to replace the steel wings with lighter dural (steel away) and stud mount wheel to the hub — the bolts are of larger diameter so as staff could not withstand the loads.

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