“E-match” is the name of the material on electroscience, published in No. 3 of the journal “modelist-Konstruktor”, 1999. The development will be able to find its rightful place in the kitchens have gas stoves, appliances and other devices with the “blue fuel”. Especially if the thyristor part of the self-made device to enter the additional capacitor C2 with the capacitance of 0.1 µf with subsequent correction of the values of C1, RM and B2 (wiring diagram is shown in bold lines and font).

When this high voltage on the electrodes of the ignition, as the spark power will increase almost twice. And the thyristor will last many times longer due to the fact that it will work in a mode that virtually eliminates the so-called reverse spectraprobe. If the C2 apply K73-17 or similar compact with a rated voltage of 400 V, no change in the PCB is not required. Quite a bit continues to move C1 to the transformer to the released gap to fit the extra capacitor.
The transformer T1 remains unchanged. For those who will start the production of an electronic “match” for the first time, it is worth Recalling that the magnetic core is 20 mm cut ferrite rod Ф400—Ф2000, round or rectangular cross section (the magnetic antenna of the radio). At first, this rod is wrapped with electrical tape (2-3 layers) with subsequent placement of the high voltage winding (6×90 turns ПЭВ2-0,06), wrapping it in two layers of the same tape with subsequent impregnation with paraffin or epoxy resin. Low-voltage winding (4 turns ПЭВ2-0.4) is placed on top of high voltage.
The terminals of the windings are soldered to the corresponding pads of the printed circuit Board is made so that the conductors extending to the spark gap (and that is spaced apart and separated by a special notch printed items), did not reach the tapering end of the PCB is 1.5 mm and that the protective gap is sure filled with epoxy resin, extruded for bonding, insulating, lining of 2 mm fiberglass.
Electrical schematic of the upgraded electronic lighters (changes in bold lines and font).
Schematic diagram of the upgraded electronic lighters (changes in bold lines and font).
Circuit Board with indication of the position of the additional capacitor C2 and other electronic components.
A printed circuit Board with indication of the position of the additional capacitor C2 and other electronic components.
Layout of the upgraded electronic
The layout of the upgraded electronic “match”:
1 — printed Board; 2 — a lining of insulation; 3 — transformer T1; 4 — capacitor C1; 5 — button switch; 6 — contact spring; 7 — diode VD1; 8 — resistor R1; 9, a resistor 112; 10 — diode VD2; 11 — thyristor VS1; 12 — housing; 13 — capacitor C2.

The material for the PCB is one-sided foil fiberglass, the controller, and spring-loaded contact buttons SV1 strip 15×6 mm. which is cut (giving the appropriate form) from 0,2 mm brass or phosphor bronze.
V. RADKOV,Republic of Tatarstan

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