Fifteen years subscribed to the magazine “modelist-Konstruktor” and in each room find a lot of interesting and useful articles. By education I am a mechanical engineer and I am particularly interested in creative development of designers-homebrew. I myself, back in 1989, almost from scrap (selected on the farm “technologisch” aggregates and agricultural machinery) has built a machine that for a set of functions called tractorable. Can not boast of originality of design or elegance of appearance. Rather, the tractor turned rough, but it for years I became an indispensable and reliable assistant on the farm in summer and winter. Wrong cut, but tightly sewn — this saying can be attributed to him.

A simple rectangular frame, welded from channel No. 12. Such a channel is taken to provide a margin of safety below the frame does not warp, as tractorable is designed not only for use in off-road conditions, but also to transport large cargo in the back and in the trailer.

when choosing eyeglass frames.

In General, the design of tractorable reduced to the selection and linkage of serial units and mechanisms. In most cases possible to choose and support the standard components and parts.

Tractorable in varnaite snowthrower
Tractorable in varnaite snowthrower
General view of tractorable

General view of tractorable
The layout of the power unit and transmission — the usual for four-wheel drive: engine basket clutch — gearbox — transfer box — system cardan shafts to the main transmission front and rear axles. As an addition — PTO shaft extending from the gearbox to the end of the frame and therefore consisting of several universal knees and chain transmission.
Engine tractorable diesel, power 21 HP tractor vladimirets, from him and the clutch basket. Gear shift (CAT) — from the GAZ-51. Transfer box, front and rear axles, propeller shaft — GAS-6З. Suspension bridges on the frame — spring. Spring — UAZ-452.


Torque from the transaxle to “razdatki” is transmitted via a short intermediate propeller shaft, and from it, by means of a long cardan shafts — differentials front and rear axles.

when choosing eyeglass frames.

The design of the PTO shaft (PTO) turned out to be quite complicated. The shaft consists of two universal lap with intermediate support between them, crossing over the rear axle of the chain transmission and drive Assembly with splined output short roller. The shaft is assembled from various nodes decommissioned harvester SK-5 “Niva” with virtually no alterations, only the drive node to an output end of the regular shaft fitted and welded tubular (drilled) slotted roller. The intermediate support 10-mm steel plate fastened to the inside of the right spar. The transition of the PTO through the rear axle carried out using the bearing unit, mounted to the top of the bottom beam of the frame and the drive unit is in the middle between the frame rails at the wall of 10 mm steel sheet welded to the same crosshead. Additionally, the sheet is secured by four alosinae connected to the side members of the frame (two on each rail on both sides of the wall). On the same wall fixed at the bottom of the axle frame hitch.

Wheel track (the length of the bridges) is reduced compared to the baseline of 300 mm and 1300 mm. This is done to reduce the width of the machine and increase its agility at this tractorable it is even possible to skid the timber (whips) plots on-site, but, most importantly, convenient not only to plow to the edge of the area but also to cultivate row crops.
Chassis and drivetrain

Chassis and powertrain (the engine and the clutch basket not shown):


1 —frame (channel No. 12); 2 — front drive axle (from the GAZ-6З); 3 — transmission (from the GAZ-51); 4 — anterior knee PTO (PTO); 5 — intermediate bearing PTO; 6 — rear knee PTO; 7 — transport; 8 — chain; 9 — spline tip (from the tractor DT-75); 10 — rear axle (from the GAZ-53); 11 — spring (from the UAZ-452, 4 compl.); 12 — propeller shaft, rear axle; 13 — transfer case (from GAZ-BZ); 14 — propeller shaft, front axle; 15 — primary driveshaft; parts and components 4,5,6,7,8 — harvester SK-5 “Niva”


Tractorable all-wheel drive and has good permeability, which can significantly increase installation of twin wheels on both axles. This also makes possible to increase the capacity of the machine.
With these wheels allows it to operate tractor-rhomobile almost any terrain and used as snowmobile trips fishing or hunting.
But still the main purpose of the machine is the transport of goods and agricultural work. On the rear of the frame mounted hydraulic hitch. It is a small separate frame, hinged to the main frame and controlled from the cab using the hydraulic cylinder through a horizontal transverse shaft and adjustable vertical thrust (turnbuckle).
* The hitch can be installed quickly various agricultural tools and machines.
For plowing, I made double casing plough, its performance on the basis of average weight 20— 25 acres per hour. Of the cultivator-Hiller CON-2,8 PM did trehkostochny cultivator and they are treated with aisle. For harvesting potatoes fashioned, single-row potato digger conveyor type. Hay used the mower KS-2,1, shortening its leaf up to 1.8 m. Ted and rake hay into piles homemade hinged rake-agitator.
The scope of tractorable was not so extensive if it had the PTO shaft. This mechanism provides a drive not only agricultural units, but many stationary: water pump for irrigation area, woodworking machine (via gears); home mill for crushing grains and even trailed loader with capacity of 0.2 tons (converted from mounted).
For transporting cargo tractorable equipped with easily removable body which is fixed to the frame by latches.
If necessary to tractorable joins two-axle truck.
The machine complies with the requirements of the bodies of road supervision to homemade designs, and registered in the Gostekhnadzor.
V. Potylitsyn, min’kovo, Vologda obl


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