Fig. 1. The appearance of the electronic counter of seeds.Seed stations and seed agro-laboratories often calculate “manual. Manual labor is unproductive and tedious, especially if you need to count a large number of seeds. Counting on 10 thousand grains of wheat takes about three hours. And to make a mistake during manual account easily. However, this operation can be replaced by a method of weighing, but due to the difference in sizes of the seeds of error in this case reaches 30%.

Simple device (Fig. 1) automatically counts any, starting with 100 pieces, the number of seeds. His error does not exceed 1%.
What effect counter seeds) Wooden drum (Fig. 2) with recesses in the form of grains fixed on the shaft of the motor. For each kind of grain his drum. From the hopper located above the drum, the grains fall into the cells on its surface. Extra grain removes a foam brush.
The circumference of the drum at the same distance from each other has 5 pins, which in turn closes contacts electric meter Сч1 (Fig. 3). Each actuation of the counter corresponding to 10 grains.
Fig. 2. Internal view of the device
Fig. 2. Internal view of the device:
1 — electrically-GS counter MES 54; 2 — electric motor RD-09; 3 — drum with cells.

Fig. 3. Schematic diagram of the counter seeds.
Fig. 3. Schematic diagram of the counter seeds.

If you want to count a certain number of seeds, for example 1000, 2000, 5000 or 10 000, start and stop” well the engine performs electronic time switch transistors T1 — T4. Depending on the position of the switch Q4 is set to a different time, engine speed: 40, 80, 200 or 400 p Powered device from AC voltage of 220 V.
The power transformer TR1 is wound on the core Ш19 X 25 mm. the Winding of I contains 2700 turns of wire of PEL 0,15 with the withdrawal from 1350-th round, II -650 turns of PEL of 0.2, III — 120 turns of PEL of 0.3.
R1 — relay RSM-2. РЭС6 with a coil resistance of 500 — 600 Ohms.
V. VOZNYUK, Novosibirsk, Russia

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