Most of the photographers prefer flashes with battery. Such pulsed lamps serial production get a charge from the battery “Molniya” or the inverter low voltage dry cells in the high. But “Lightning” is rarely for sale and is kept short. Batteries do not save enough — the kit is barely enough to shoot two narrow films. So we have Willy-nilly “attached” to a wall outlet.
From this predicament I found a way, using alkaline Nickel-cadmium rechargeable battery nonspillable brand 2НКП-20. Its advantages: ease of use, durability and ability to recharge. To power the flash needs to collect the voltage Converter (see schematic diagram). Transformer T1 is wound on the core SH1 5X15. The winding of I contains 18+18 turns of wire sew-1 of 0.41, II — 12+14 turns of PEV-1 is 0.2 and III winding is 300 turns of PEV-1 0,1. Resistor — MLT-1 or VS-1, the capacitor oxide CAM or K50-6.
If the device after Assembly will not work (can not hear the characteristic “singing”), reverse the findings of the collector winding.
The Converter is housed in a plastic case the size of 35Х55Х120 mm, for example, in the case of metaplace.
I use the flash “Luch-70”. The Converter and battery are placed freely in the socket for the battery “Molniya”.
The charge time turning the switch to the flash position “100 DG” — 35, in position “50 j” this is set to 10 s, providing sufficient speed during filming.
If the flash idle for more than five days, before you start shooting it you need to practice, as required by the manual, and then the reliability will be provided.
A. TUROVTSEV, S. Rogozina, Altai Krai

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