MEASURING EMOTIONSThe profession of pilot, astronaut, test flight of space technology require absolute health and exceptional emotional stability. To determine the degree of emotional stability of each person with the help of an instrument called emocionalnom. Such a device is designed and manufactured in the Club for young technicians Novosibirsk Akademgorodok.


It is known that the resistance of certain areas of the human body depends on the activity of the sweat glands. It is controlled by the nervous system. Any emotional arousal or psychological stress causes sweat glands to work harder, which ultimately bring to the decrease of the resistance of human skin.

Our device records changes in skin resistance. For contact with the human body using special electrodes. Strengthen them in those areas of skin that contain the maximum number of sweat glands. Convenient is, for example, a hand: one electrode is applied to the palm, the other to the back thereof (Fig. 1).
Fig. 1. So measure the degree of emotion of a person.
Fig. 1. So measure the degree of emotion of a person.
Through connecting wires electrodes are connected to the terminals KL1, КЛ2 of the device (Fig. 2). Potentiometer R1 sets the current EP of the external circuit (through the hand of the man). The amount of current in the range of 20-50 µa is controlled by a galvanometer ИП1. Registration of changes in the current associated with emotional arousal, is a microammeter IP2 included in the bridge circuit.
Fig. 2. Schematic diagram of emozionate.
Fig. 2. Schematic diagram of emozionate.
Securing the electrodes on the hand, using the variable resistor R5 arrow IP2 set to 0.
Switch B1 choose the sensitivity of the instrument. When B1 is closed, the resistor R4 is boarded up, and the sensitivity of the device is greatest. In the open position of the switch it decreases 5 times.
To the terminals Кл3, Кл4 connect the recorder, which captures the human reaction time to a stimulus: light, sound, etc.
The device is applied to microammeter: ИП1 — М494 100 µa, IP2— M592 50 µa with zero in the middle of the scale or any other with a current full deflection 100 µa.
The transistor T1 МП39—МП42. It is desirable that the reverse current of the collector does not exceed 5 µa.
The scheme is powered from two series-connected battery 3336L.
Structurally the device in a metal enclosure the size of 80X120X250 mm.
Electrodes Ø10—20 mm, thickness 2-5 mm are made of zinc, silver or silver-plated foil and emulgiruet: cover with a paste of kaolin, zameshennogo on a saturated solution of sulphate of zinc. Kaolin can be purchased in a pharmacy, and zinc sulfate is the chemical in each school office. Then the electrodes are wrapped in clean gauze dipped in so-called physiological solution. To make it simple: in a glass of water stir a tablespoon of ordinary table salt. Both electrodes is tied to the arm bandage. Now you can start to experiment.
The subject is in a darkened room in a comfortable lying or sitting position. After one or two seconds after the appearance of the stimulus needle is shifted by a certain value, registering the reaction of the test on sound, light or touch on the body. If a person has good emotional stability, deflection will be negligible.

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