CARDBOARD GYMNASTThe children enjoy dynamic toys — they moved, jerked, and tumbled. Want to offer exactly this — moving and funny, resembling a gymnast on the horizontal bar.
The horizontal bar
To make such a toy for a child is not difficult. The base of the bar, it “stands” are two wooden slats cross-section 15×10 mm and a length of 230 mm. In the lower part they have a spacer made of a wooden rod (e.g. a pencil) or the same rack, attached with studs. The distance between racks (i.e., the size of the spacers) is selected such that the game could span them with one hand.
At the top of the uprights has two vertical holes for “bar” it is the role of strong string, thin cord or fishing line is passed so that the hands of the figures of the athlete and between the hands it is a crossover.
It is made of hard cardboard, thin plywood or veneer. The body of a gymnast is cut together with the head, hands and legs separately. To the torso, they’re attached pivotally with a wire axes or fishing line, tied or melted at the ends after passing through each pair of limbs and torso.
Collected in this way the figure hung on a thread “bar” horizontal bar as mentioned above.
Toy “the Gymnast”:
1 — front, 2 — cross member-strut, 3 — leg, 4 — torso, 5 — hand, 6 — string “rails”, 7 — joints of the extremities, 8 — strut mount (nail, 2 PCs.).
The figure of a athlete, you can simply paint, draw a face, denoting on the trunk and legs in shape and his hands leaving intact The same can be accomplished with paints, and burning out if the figurine were made of plywood or veneer.
The strut bar and the strut can be left intact or to paint with vivid oil paints, cover furniture varnish.
The principle of operation
The player takes the toy with one hand stand horizontal bar below the strut and makes a squeezing motion. “Horizontal bar” horizontal bar when it is stretched, twisted part of her at this point is trying to spin, transmitting this movement to the owner figures “the sportsman”. Depending on the supplied rack, the horizontal bar effort “gymnast” or swinging flies over the bar.
To obtain this effect, it is not a twist of crossbar while assembling toys simply preteroti thread in the holes of hands crosswise — that is, the upper thread in the lower hole and the lower thread in the upper hole.
A. GLOTOV, student, S. Elnat, Ivanovo region.

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