THE GARDENER-BUILDERWhen the erection even garden shed great importance is the accuracy of the marking: for example, improperly laid Foundation can cause distortion and cracking of walls, roof and other elements. For exactly the same requires special fixtures, which are not always .it is possible to get. So I made a device from a school protractor mounted on nylon cord and is equipped with a plumb. Now to install the pillars of the basement on one level, I knock on their sites marking pegs and one on the selected height of the fixed end of the cord. Moving the second end up and down arrows to align the counterweight with the division 90, determine the level of the specified level on the remaining pegs.
V. DOSTAVALOV, Sverdlovsk

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  • ACCORDING TO THE PRINCIPLE OF COMMUNICATING VESSELSACCORDING TO THE PRINCIPLE OF COMMUNICATING VESSELS is possible to make a device for determining the marks in the construction of garden buildings. For this you will need a long hose with transparent bits filled with water.

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