MICROBALANCELike it or like machine grease and the saying “porridge oil will not spoil” is applicable in the technique not always. Excessive amount of it even at nodes where the friction should be minimal, is not of benefit. But if oil gets on the friction parts of gear, the mechanism may deteriorate. Those who greased intopractice of the tape or the mechanism of EPU, knows what precision is necessary to carry out this operation. Conventional oil can do.

I propose for these cases are homemade, made from used thick rod from a ball pen and rubber tip medical pipette.
Heat the rod in hot water, remove the burner Assembly and from there the ball. Wash with gasoline or Cologne up the rod. From the tip of the writing unit the rest of the paste can burn. Rinse and it and then install back. Put the cap from the pipette — microbalance ready.
E. SAWICKI, Korosten

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