NOT ONLY DECORATIVENOT ONLY DECORATIVEHere, as they say, and nothing to do: gathered to the studs lattice of smoothly polished skin of thin strips and is beautiful. But if in your cross-hairs to nail another wooden plaque — CUT any old stems or knots — and even Polish them and cover light furniture varnish, then do the sight work. The first of these bars, I adapted on the wall near the gas stove: the hooks here is part of kitchen utensils. The second such design serves under the hanger Wallpaper is now not stained by the clothing. And then went: wall in the hallway, “panels” above the table with the player and so on — until all sorts of muffin hot in the sink, in the tub: the scheme universal.


Yu ABRAMOV, Kozelsk, Kaluga region.

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