STOOL LADDERThe proposed design (it can be called a two-storey stool, stool-ladder) is very practical, simple to manufacture and may find use in the summer house and in the apartment.

Stool stepladder consists of two parts, connected to each other by means of two bolts, performing the role of axes. This design allows for “liner” move forward and turn this way in the step ladder.

As material you can use plywood with a thickness of 15-20 mm, boards or chipboard. The work begins with the fact that the elements of stool are redrawn on plywood (or Board) and are cut. Then on the side walls (1), seat (2) and the rear “liner” (8) should be cut by angular and semi-circular openings and grooves. In both side walls of the stool and at the ends of the sliding base part drilled holes Ø 6 mm. To the inner sides of the side walls (1) at the required height (depending on the size of the stair,”Kadisha”) is attached to wooden strip (5) size 20X25X60 mm.


The order of Assembly of the stool following. To the side walls with screws or nails is attached to the base (3), whose function consists not only in increasing the rigidity of the stool in the folded position of the “ladder” base is used as the bottom shelf. Then cut the side walls are screwed to the transverse strap (4) and is installed from above the seat.


The sliding part of the stool consists of only four parts (and their combination are shown in the figure). Before final Assembly into the holes on the base (7) are glued the metal sleeve tube with internal thread M6.
Design of a stool-ladder.
Design stool-ladder:
1 — side wall (280Х620 mm), 2 — seat (280Х360 mm), 3 — base (280X320 mm), 4 — strips (25Х60Х360 mm, 4 PCs.), 5 — plank-emphasis (20X25X60 mm, 2 PCs.), 6 — lateral wall of the retractable part (200Х230 mm), 7 — base (200X280 mm), 8 — rear wall (230Х240 mm).
After fabrication and Assembly of both parts of the stool they are connected to each other by bolts, the heads of which it is necessary to enclose washers or gaskets.
Stool is better not to paint, and sanding and coating of colourless furniture Polish.
According to the magazine “Earmaster” (Hungary)

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