In modern modeling design aerovision championship-class technologies have gone far ahead, and currently only a handful of athletes capable of creating competitive devices. In the conditions of the road and at home to make the modern model of the average Amateur athlete is very difficult. Practice runs aerolizer and the engine (especially if you have a part in competitions of any rank — from vnutritrekovye to on) on “fighting” techniques are not always appropriate. However, the experience and the ability to absorb necessary. To have technique training “for all sluchai”, but is simple to manufacture and launch, I had to think carefully about possible options.
We offer to your attention the “school” high-speed airboat class B1 MDS engine-1,5 D. the Model is designed for the prototype wireless high-speed cord boat with the engine KMD-2,5. The material on the original analogue were published in the “Modeller-designer”, No. 2, 1994. Your choice is stopped on MDS because potentially in terms of power and design, it has large reserves, but requires substantial revision of the node, which has already been mentioned in the magazine modeling technique of different directions. And before building the model, recommend a revision of the node kontrpartiya. The installation of The motor MK-17 is not appropriate because of low power and resource characteristics (besides the release of his already finished).
Simplicity parts aerolizer and availability of the material from which made the housing (it is necessary to find only any beam of light wood, well dried, no cracks; wood density shall not exceed 0.42 gram per cubic cm; suitable can be spruce, pine, aspen, lime, poplar) – helps you quickly and easily create a model in terms of a mug and house.
Fig. 1. Basic geometric parameters of the model aerolaser with internal combustion engine working volume of 1.5 cm3.
Fig. 1. Basic geometric parameters of the model aerolaser with internal combustion engine working volume of 1.5 cm3.
Fig. 2. The case of The model
Fig. 2. The body of the model.
the sole of the redan is made of plywood with a thickness of 1.2 mm.

Fig. 3. Aft float
Fig. 3. Feed the float.
Fig. 4. Stabilizer
Fig. 4. Stabilizer.
Made of 3-mm plywood or strips of basswood, aspen. Edges of the stabilizer are rounded after Assembly with the hull and floats of the model.

Fig. 5. Engine mount-pylon-engine
Fig. 5. Engine mount-pylon with an engine:
1 — housing, 2 — hole approach to screw kontrolne, 3 — strut pylon (cut from the plywood 3 mm — 2 parts), 4 — MDS engine — 1.5 l, 5 — spinner (screw is not shown), 6 — insert, 7 — the upper part of the fairing (plywood thickness of 1.2 mm or veneer), 8 — air intake to carburetor, 9 — frame (plywood 3mm), 10 — fuel tank 11 — tail boss (Linden or aspen), 12 — lower part of the fairing (plywood or 1.2 mm .veneer), 13 — beam engine mounts (beech or hornbeam).

Fig. 6. Fuel tank
Fig. 6. Fuel tank:
1 — housing (tinned plate 0.3 mm thick), 2 — drainage-filling tube (copper or brass, with a diameter of 3 x 0.5 mm), 3 — a feeding tube (copper or brass).
Fig. 7. The terms of the balancing of the completely assembled model on the bridle cord pendants
Fig. 7. The terms of the balancing of the completely assembled model on the bridle of the suspension cord.

For Assembly recommend to use epoxy resin as the most durable and water resistant than other glues. To protect parts from water and finishing the use of putty, nitro and nitro lacquer type NTS.
The design of The model of special explanation does not need (be sure to look at No. 2, 1994). As for the pylon engine mounts — if you can find something better own decision, send it to a option in the editor.
Figure engine mounts the engine shown in the embodiment of the exhaust pipe ago. But it can be assembled and “exhaust” forward, which will affect the cooling of the most hot zone of the engine. However, the model will be heavily contaminated with combustion products. For the experimental runs it is recommended to install on the exhaust pipe of the resonant tube, and perhaps you will be very pleased with the results of this experiment.

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