A FIRE IN A BARRELOn a country or a plot over time, accumulate debris that owners tend to burn in the fire, that is unsafe in the fire relation. Much better for these purposes to have a special stove, make that very easy.
In a conventional 200-liter barrel available method (welding, drill, chisel) have several ash-pit hole with a diameter of about 50 mm at the bottom and two pairs of the same inner side a little higher from the bottom.


Incinerator garden waste


Incinerator garden waste:

1 — furnace (barrel V-100… 200 l);
2 — leg (steel area 35×35, 3 or 4 pieces)

Even to the bottom of the shell, attach (weld, priklopiti, tighten the bolts) three or four legs, made of, for example, from the corner of 35×35. The length of the angle should be such that you have at the bottom of the legs to bend the legs, and above — to do at least 150 mm overlap of the legs on the sides of the barrel, and the distance between the earth and the bottom would be about 200 mm.

A. MATVEICHUK, 3 in o d o u K o V s K, Tyumen region.

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