TRAP HEATThis grid is really designed for fishing… heat. It was displayed at one of the technical exhibitions in the GDR; the information given to our magazine by the editors of popular with German readers of the magazine for lovers of home design magazine “Praktik”.

When we take a shower, connected to a Central hot water system, we never think about how much energy is required to spend to heat and deliver the water pipes in our apartment or country house. Thinking about it only occur when you have to heat the water itself — for example a column with a gas or electric heater. Then suddenly it becomes obvious the fact that for so long progrevatsya water spilled from the shower head blessed rain, without even having to work hard for us, is already in the drain and is carried away in the sewers — and with it spent it on warm heat.
To catch entrained water in the exhaust heat and return it to incoming cold called and mentioned the grille. Rather, she has the dual function of the usual grid-soles, on which we tread, stepping inside the shower, and the new — teplonositelya. To do this, it runs of pipes or hollow profiles of square section, the ends of which are welded to unifying their hollow cross member of round or rectangular cross section. Extreme tube grid through welded to the pipes they join two pipes: one leads to the water, the other to the hot water installation. In other words, the grid is embedded in the way of cold water to the heater.
Fig. 1. As heat-trapping shower bars.
Fig. 1. As heat-trapping shower grating:
1 — tube grille, 2 — plastic panels, 3 — uniting cross-bar, 4 — inlet nozzle (cold water), 5 — outlet (podogrevaemy water).
Fig. 2. Schematic diagram of the installation of a shower with hot water as heat-trapping column and bars.
Fig. 2. Schematic diagram of the installation of a shower with hot water as heat-trapping column and a grid:
1 stall shower, 2 — inlet grid, 3 — grid-teplonositel, 4 — drain 5 — the outlet grille, 6 — outtake pipe, 7 — column, 8 — teploelektroenergetiki, 9 — shower head.
The purpose of this is clear from the resulted scheme. Hot water from the shower head falls on the grate, heating it. But through the grille now runs cold water flowing to the heater. In the lattice it is heated — so you will need less energy to bring the water to the desired temperature. The diagram shows the additional strains, the feed part has become warm in the lattice of water directly to the faucet of the shower.
It is easy to imagine how much can be saved hot water and electricity, if such a scheme used not only in domestic, but also industrial showers, and public baths.

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