THE SECRET THREE PILLOWSI want to share the experience of manufacture of armchairs-beds.It is based on three interconnected foam V. podushin. folded resting on the back of the curved accordingly a water or gas pipe, and in the unfolded form forming a soft and spacious bed. The visible sides of the cushions, covered with velvet, plush or imitation leather, the rest of the case is made out of a suitable upholstery or decorative fabric.
Between the pillow are connected by strips of leather, stitched at the joints and serving as the soft loops. The two cushions that form when folding the seat and back and adjacent faces beveled so that in the unfolded form have an angle of 60°. It allows you to adjust the backrest angle by moving the entire set relative to the tubular support. The upper part of the last braided belt, or a strong tape to hold bed pillows.
Foam cushions are recruited from commercially available plates of foam with an additional top sing of old cotton blankets or cotton batting and placed in a fabric cover, which is sutured or closed with a “zipper” (the last option allows you to remove cover for washing or cleaning).
Appearance armchair beds mainly will depend on the thoroughness of the workmanship and material stitched padosan. The tubular support should be painted with nitrocellulose bright colours. Instead of the belt braid can be made case-back, put on arc support,

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