WALL FOR EVERY TASTEWood sheathing. Such way of furnish of walls in recent years is becoming more common. The most preferred veneer tongue-and-groove boards. On brick or concrete walls, they are normally attached to the wooden planks. The most appropriate the cross-bar 25X40 mm. to Mount them to the walls of the most reliable with the help of plastic dowels and screws. Particular care should be fixed to support bars in the areas of the corners of the walls. The distance between the bars depends on the thickness of boards: plating thickness 10 mm are typically used to cover walls for supporting bars, spaced at 400-600 mm. Sheathing of boards of greater thickness (12 mm) recommended for surfaces separate elements and must be sufficiently rigid when the distance between the supporting bars of 500-600 mm.
There are various ways of fastening the sheathing to the supporting bars. The fastest and easiest way is “open” — using nails with exposed heads. They are arranged in neat rows and clogged with the help of the punch to avoid damage to the surface with a hammer. Holes for nails can be subsequently sealed.
“Hidden” mounting — angle driving thin nails into the ridge of tongue and groove joint and disguised in the groove of the next Board. This is a more time consuming way, and until you have mastered the skill it is associated with the risk of splitting the wood.
When calculating the required amount of material, note the placement of pipes and wiring, siding which can be made of thinner boards.
Plank walls in kitchens and bathrooms is a common form of decoration. In these areas it is important to ensure satisfactory ventilation of the space between the wall and the cladding. It is necessary to provide for General ventilation small gap on top and hem.
Siding should consider the location of electrical outlets and switches; cutouts for them should be done by rails. However, sockets and switches can also be learned on the outer surface of the boards.
The best way neat trim door and window openings — framing their layouts or frames. Installation on the bottom of the sheathing of floor of wood of the corresponding breed also gives the trim a finished look.
As mastering the technique, you will realize that the tree has diverse properties: it is easily processed, and the dowel joints can be made in many wood species. The wooden slats can be treated with stain, varnish or paint depending on which style you prefer — modern or country.
Pattern plating, also can be very diverse: from wide or narrow grooves, lapped or square edges, boards have small spaces between them, which gives the decoration a special attraction. In the application of a covering for partial or solid walls, the arrangement of slats — horizontal, vertical or even diagonal — creates a variety of visual effects lengthening or widening of the space.
Upholstery ceilings. Padding rails is the perfect solution for finishing ceilings, especially in areas of complicated configuration or of limited size.
Padding is performed on reference blocks. Never attach planks or rails directly to the ceiling. The bars must be drilled and countersink holes. They are attached to beams or slabs with a step of 600mm. don’t forget to move to a lower device level lighting. This operation provides an ideal opportunity to bury the fixtures relative to the ceiling surface, creating these comfortable and elegant interior solution. The boards or slats of veneer attached to the abutment sticks with nails in the same way that when the casing walls.
The scheme of sealing the outside corner.
The scheme of sealing the inner corner.
Board paneling in the kitchen and bathroom is attached to the wall with ventilation gaps.
Scheme a
Some of the techniques of wall tongue-and-groove boards.
1. Diagram of sealing the outer corner. 2. The scheme of sealing the inner corner. 3. Installation of the plinth. 4. Plank paneling in the kitchen and bathroom is attached to the wall with ventilation gaps. 5. Options switches (left — wood paneling, to the right in the cutout on the casing, banded rails). 6. The scheme of the “hidden” mounting grooved boards.
According to the magazine “Practical householder” (England)

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