E NEW RULESJudging by editorial mail, does not weaken the interest of students of avtomodelistov to the micro machines of the class AL with actuator. The widespread availability of sports equipment, possibility of carrying out of competitions at any time of the year to attract new boys into the ranks of the followers of automodelisme.
Did not remain without attention and publication in the “M-K” № 4 of the current year, devoted to the copying of the jeep. A bold and simple design close to the copy micromachines were more attractive than those that are only approximately recalled cars of certain types.
However, the simplest “train” is still needed because it is designed primarily for beginners that have only recently started building models. The jeep is designed for children who acquired at least some experience. But today we have young athletes who are fond of AL, but has already become almost real masters of their craft. Go to other classes of models some do not have the inclination, and often do not allow and the technical capability of the group. It is for these boys and designed more effective and complex development of the old car.
Fundamentally, this model is no different from a jeep the same materials, the same techniques and finishes. The basis of the chassis of the model is collected on the glue frame with longitudinal spars of high-quality plywood and virtually the entire body wikiepedia of cardboard. Although there are possible options such as telephony tin or glued from a sheet of celluloid.
Compared to the jeep on procopiu historic car and pattern for body will need more and collect them together is not easy. For those who are a mutual fit will be difficult, we can recommend another method: the production of volume elements (simulations, fuel tank, trunk, bonnet) foam, followed by the cording surface glossy, thin paper in PVA.
Fig. 1. Model-polyopia vintage cars class E-3 (cord, with external supply):
Fig. 1. Model-polyopia vintage cars class E-3 (cord, with external supply):
1 — imitation of the trunk and fuel tank, 2 — cross beam frame (pine slats), 3 — panel dashboard, 4 — simulation of the engine hood, 5 — wing.
A, B, C — successive stages of veclachi body out of cardboard.
Fig. 2. Cord strap, required by the rules of the competition.
Fig. 2. Cord strap, required by the rules of the competition:
1 — strip, 2 wires to motor, 3 — plastic isolator, 4 — terminals for connecting an external power supply, 5 — hole for the fastening cords. Cord thread required; suspension of the model on current-carrying conductors is not allowed.
Fig. 3. Typical drive axle.
Fig. 3. Typical drive axle:
1 — base plate chassis, 2 — upright, 3 — axle leading wheels, 4 — rubber nozzle sleeve, is pressed onto the motor shaft, 5 — motor, 6 — under engine bar, 7 — drive wheel or disc on the drive shaft that came with the drive of the friction type.
Fig. 4. The simulation wheel.
Fig. 4. Simulation of wheel:
1 — tire (microporous or soft rubber), 2 — hub (D16T), 3 — simulation panel (figure slotting or painting), 4 — washer (D16T), 5 — nut. Assembly lead with the use of adhesives.

In many ways, the richness of the model’s appearance can be explained not only by the shape of the body, but also a lot of “jewelry” (lights-lights, control levers, drawers). Here is freedom for your imagination… and abilities of the designer. After all, your goal is not only to skillfully reproduce a copy of elements with a sufficient degree of accuracy, but also to ensure their durability at a satisfactory processability.
The main problem, of course, will be playing specefic wheels. Most likely, carve scale will be daunting. We recommend you to go for a more simple way. Due to the imitation overlays a flat disk hubs can achieve the effect of little inferior to the pure scale.
Suspension model, its robustness and reliability provide the result on the competition starts. Here the main thing — to achieve minimum losses as the rotation of the drive wheels and the friction drive transmission. For specific microelectrodes selected the most advantageous gear ratio. The proposed scheme “reducer” allows you to easily change it by replacing the tubular rubber roller on the motor on the other, a larger or smaller diameter.
When you have finished working on a new model, do not forget about such “postcanine” as… the figure of the driver behind the wheel of the microcosm. Don’t think fast running the model with an open body without a driver it will look natural!
In conclusion, it is useful to get acquainted with the latest changes in the rules of the competition. First of all, there are new classes. Now E-2, included in the simplest models, — cord model is a copy of the military vehicle with an electric motor. E-3 — volume kordovye model car with a motor and the same as EL-2, with external power supply. Introduced a class of EL-4 (this is not kordovye and pramoedya models, and with power source motor on-Board model). As the power of the engine shall be the engine of domestic production coming into the retail sale and designed for voltages up to 5 V. the Maximum length of the model in all classes of simple subgroups — 300 mm Compulsory installation of bus accessories.

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