BLUE TIP FOR SOLDERINGMy burner — ejector for high temperature soldering. Running from the LPG cylinder. It is economical: the number supplied to the gas ejector can be adjusted. The burner is arranged in the following way. From the gearbox or gate valve on the cylinder gas is fed through the hose to the inlet tube built into the base of the burner. From there it flows through the vertical channel of the rack in the Central bore of the body of the jet, where the amount dosed adjusting needle mounted on the threads of the housing cover. Further, the gas supplied to the nozzle and ejected through the hole.

Podsushivaya from the cavity of the air valve required for combustion air, the gas is fed through the axial channel of the radiator to the divider where it is divided into a main Central stream and an auxiliary feeding hole peripheral divider necessary to maintain the flame. With the help of worn on the ejector sleeve of the rotary valve with radial holes you can dose the amount of incoming air, and by adjusting the needle — the amount of gas. This allows you to shape the burner flame as in size and quality.
All parts except handle are machined on a lathe. Excellent material for the manufacture of most of them are brass or bronze. They have good conductivity, strong enough and not afraid of corrosion. But the body of the nozzle cover and the nozzle is better to make steel. Adjusting the needle is the easiest way to made of a steel knitting needle. A seal to seal the thread will have to carve PTFE: although the radiator and takes away part of heat, body parts are quite heated.
Gas burner
Gas burner:
1 —the adjusting needle, 2 — pen needle, 3 — housing cover, nozzle, 4 — nozzle body 5 — seal (Teflon seal), 6 — base burner, 7 —clamping nut, 8 — ejector, 9 — nozzle, 10 — core of the spool, 11 —spool holder, 12 — radiator, 13 dividers, 14 — lever, 15 — inlet tube.

To manufacture according to given drawings and to assemble the burner easy. Only the jets would have trouble. To get the output othersthe 0 about 0.1 mm, I first drill a through hole 0 0.4 mm, and then zachekanivajut it gently with a small ball to the desired size. This work requires patience and skill, so first try the nozzle can not happen. But do not worry: it is easier to carve a new billet than trying to fix worthless.
Sequence Assembly the next. The nozzle is wrapped in the housing, pre-lubricated mating surface with epoxy. On the other side of the case insert PTFE seal and tighten its screw cap with the adjusting needle. The body of the nozzle is placed at the base of the burner and fixed clamping nut. Then screwed on the body of the ejector, put the slide part and the radiator plate. You can light the burner.
The flames have correctly made and adjusted burner will have a blue color and a narrow shape straight torch length 200 mm.

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