FLOUR GRINDER...Increasingly, the editor receives letters and phone calls with the same request — to publish drawings and to talk about how to make your own hands a simple mill. The need for this device experience not only rural residents, but also citizens. “Modelist-designer” told you about the homemade mukomolno. We offer another simple design — Arkhipova, our readers, from the village of October in Nizhny Novgorod region.

As can be seen in the illustrations, the mill Arkhipova is a conventional meat grinder equipped with a special nozzle. This solution allowed to exclude the stage of construction of the body, as well as the supply and drive mechanisms. Need to do only three parts; according to the author, he used this lathe and a file.
So, the end consists of a screw with four helical grooves on the outer surface and the cone with eight longitudinal grooves on the inside. In one end face of the screw done the square hole for coupling with the screw shaft grinder. The cone connects to the body of the grinder regular nut. From the longitudinal displacement of the screw prevents the emphasis. It is made of M6 screws, screwed in the bracket that is welded to the cone, and in the working position is fixed by lock nut.
Here's a simple attachment on a conventional grinder will turn it into a miniature milling unit
Here’s a simple attachment on a conventional grinder will turn it into a miniature milling unit.
Mill attachment
1 — blank, 2 — clip (St3), 3 — cone, 4 — screw.

As a material for the screw and cone milling nozzles Arkhipov used tool steel U8A. After machining, parts are subjected to hardening (to HRC 58…60).
Using the mill attachment you can grind any grains and even grinding coffee beans. If desired, it is easy to equip low-speed motor with gear. However, in this case during operation of the upgraded mill should be particularly careful.


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