Treatment of soil with electrofret. Especially for owners of cottages, gardens, gardens (see, for example, “M-K” 3’83, 1Г90). And in conditions when the prices are steadily rising, when the use of tillers (not to mention scarce mini-tractors) sometimes becomes economically feasible, electrophotonic on small plots of land, that is, out of competition. Convenient and relatively inexpensive, besides, equipped with special devices, they not only allow you to loosen the soil, to weed or hoe the plants, But also to successfully complete a number of other necessary household works.

About how to make this electric assistant, which if necessary can serve and muroyama, told in the material made on the basis of publications of the Bulgarian magazine “Guide yourself.”
Battered the electric motor, a worm gear from decommissioned equipment (old electric cars or at least an ancient Transporter) Yes crop water-gas supply pipes and steel sheets — here, perhaps, and all that is required for manufacture in a home workshop is a reliable and truly universal electrophotonic. This will be useful everywhere. But especially in the country, while performing different kinds of work in the garden-the garden.
Performance? She generic electrophotonic quite high. Suffice it to say that a plot of land measuring 10 acres can be processed in less than 2 hours. Well, there is a need, electrofresh (cultivator) are easily converted to brown-pits. Easy, rotary-screw (see illustrations). Only work here already is not a single operator and two.
The kinematic diagram of the proposed for manufacturing electrical assistant simple so that especially draw her, I think, makes no sense. Torque from the motor shaft enters the rigidly connected with the last entry the worm gear. For this purpose a semi-circular clutch with an asterisk. Better, of course, industrial manufacturing. But it’s perfect here and homemade hard clutch, a technology which has been repeatedly cited in the “M-K”.
Reducer is desirable to have I=20… 3O,— to ensure an acceptable speed of rotation of the working body firmly and securely fixed directly on the output shaft.
The design of the whole homemade part of electrophotonic mostly welded. Features of its implementation with sufficient completeness and clarity shown here in the illustrations.
The same think can be said of the working bodies of electropaz (cultivator)-buraya. In their manufacture the homebrew don’t have to search any short supply of components, parts or materials. Everyone here that neither is “running”. Steel grades — the most common. And only for knives whose work is held in quite difficult conditions, made an exception. These critical parts are recommended to be made of Steel 65G.
Billets for knives of a rotary cultivator is a steel strip section 5X40 mm. From it, and Narbut segments of appropriate length (for 210 mm for main cutters and 165 mm for optional). After annealing they drill holes with a diameter of 8 mm for the mounting bolts, make filing and, departing 50 mm from the edge, bent at a right angle. The resulting knives are subjected to heat treatment: quenching with cooling in oil to a hardness of 47.5…51.5 per НRСЭ.
1 — carrier (270-mm segment of the water-gas supply pipe 20X3), 2 — worm gear reducer (I= 20…30), 3 — rotary cultivator (a self-made design with six or four replaceable blades, 2 PCs.), 4 — clutch semi-circular with star 5 — electric (220 V, 1.1 kW, 1440об/min). 6 — condensing unit and electrical protection, 7 — reverse switch three-pole, 8 — switch (toggle switch 10 amp), 9 grip rubber (2 PCs), 10— left arm (1250 mm cut water gas pipes 22Х3), 11 — switch bracket (STZ), 12 — bar upper (STZ), 13 — arm, right (1250 mm cut water-gas supply pipe 22X3), 14 — lower the crossbar (STZ) with three holes 8.2 mm 0, 15 — a platform for mounting engine (STZ), 16 axle-base (STZ), 17 — bushing-guide (360-mm segment of the water-gas supply pipes 33,5X3,2), 18 — strip 32X50X5 mm (STZ, 2), 19 — bracket axle-base with two holes 0 to 8.2 mm (STZ), 20 — bushing carrier (14-mm segment of the water-gas supply pipes of 33.5 X 3.2) ,21 — nut fatty MB, 22 — bolt retaining MB, 23 — a platform for gear attachment (STZ). (The size and location of holes under the engine and gearbox — at the place of installation of the latter.)

Cutter (core) with six replaceable blades
Milling cutter (core) with six replaceable blades:
1 – plank square bushing 30X20X4 mm (ST5, 4 PCs.), 2 strap square hub SOH 60S X 6 mm (ST5, 4 PCs.), 3 — disk (ST5), 4 – bolt M8 with nut, 5 knife (Steel 65G, 6 PCs.).

Cutter (optional) with four replaceable blades:
1 — knife (Steel 65G, 4 PCs.), 2 — disk (ST5), 3 — bolt M8 with nut (12 PCs), 4-axis coupling (Steel 45), 5-wheel hub (Steel 45).

Elektroforez - buray
From electropaz – buray:
1 — electrofresh (cultivator) without a working body and carrier, 2 — bar-base (5 mm sheet, STZ), a 3 — frame cross member (ST5), 4 — bushing-guide advanced (435-mm segment of the water-gas supply pipes 33,5×3,2), 5 — bolt M8 locking, 6 nut M8 7 — strap-cross member (ST5), 8 drill Assembly 9 — arm buraya (2500 mm cut water-gas supply pipes 26,7X3,5, 2 PCs.)The 10 — bolt M8 with nut (5 PCs.).
Drill wskazany
Bur wskazany:
1 – tip (Steel 45), 2 — blade first (ST5), 3 — axis (575-mm segment of the water-gas supply pipes 50X3), 4 — blade second (ST5), 5 — Bush (Steel 45).

Drill wide
1 — tip (Steel 45), 2 blade welded (ST5, 3 PCs.), 3 — axis (575-mm segment of the water-gas supply pipes 50X3), 4 — bushing (Steel 45).

Should probably be noted that G-blades, technology of their production is for longtime readers of “M-K” is not new (see, for example, publication No. 10 of 1983). In this design, these knives have a smaller bending radius and a little more bearing surface (40X50 mm). And the installation angle, which determines the magnitude of the processed layer of soil is defined already not by the special sharpening of the cutting edge and its specific orientation towards the stalk-base. His value is strictly kept within the required limits due to the optimal location of the knife on the disk: either radial or inclined, depending on the purpose of the cutter (or she additional the main).
Significant in the work of the design is the installation and adjustment of the drive, which almost always draws the cultivator. Engine torque is not always enough when fully loaded cutters to move the tiller forward to the design speed. In such cases, short-term unloading of the carrier, achieved a slight swinging of the arms in the vertical plane.
Full set of cutters (two main plus two additional, inserted into the tetrahedral transition bushing and fasten with pins) is required when the initial soil treatment (milling). And for hilling crops are used, as a rule, only the main mill. They can also slice and furrows. For example, for watering or planting plants in the soil.
Well, in buray our electrochlorinator transformed in just a few minutes. This is done through a number of additional elements (see illustrations). As a working on is one of the most suitable to perform a specific operation (for example, digging post holes fences or planting trees) homemade Boer (wskazany or wide).
Both drill are manufactured to the same technology, which is based on welded construction of the cut water-gas supply pipes and blades, the first of which immediately goes into the auger, a little different from what is been described in some detail in the “M-K” (see No. 3-4/92, pp. 6-7). And tip and bushing through which the drill is securely attached to the output shaft of the reducer, vypressovyvaetsya. Loads here while there are significant, and therefore the material for parts used suitable: Steel 45.
The power of generating is carried out from a network ~ 220 V. And this is done in order to improve the safety of the operator via an isolation transformer with a capacity of 1.5 kW. Of course, you can do without it. Especially if you have a protection device by disconnection (school) УЗОШ10.2.010УХЛ4 manufactured by Gomel plant “electrical equipment”. Compact (dimensions: 170X 80X 90 mm) and reliable, designed for loads up to 10 A, it almost instantly de-energize the electric machine in the event of a fault, insulation breakdown in electrical equipment.
Used in this design are three-phase asynchronous motor works in the scheme of single-phase power capacitor (connection type “star”). The capacity of the latter calculated by the formula:
The capacitance of the phase-shifting capacitor can be found in the table published in № 2 “M-K” in 1986 (p. 28-29). The same, incidentally, is shown a typical circuit of a three phase motor in single-phase network. It is quite possible to recommend for the reporting unit.
But whatever the circuit, neither was chosen, with this design it is impossible to neglect the existing rules of operation of electrical installations and safety. They should adhere to! Moreover, it is expedient, in our opinion, to add to these rules the requirements of a range of materials about homemade: published in “M-K” once (for example, in the eleventh issue of the journal in 1990), in order to fully protect the operator from electric shock.
Material prepared for publication

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