FAN... LAMPThe principle of operation of my proposed homemade svetvincenat “Whelan” is forced Ventilation of the Lamp bulb and heat the bottom of the room with warm air by sending heat to the floor, which is the “waste” of the light source. Moreover, the “Whelan” cleans the air from dust. And the lifespan of the lamp filament is thus significantly increased.

Apparatus consists of a canopy, suspension and good power.
The electric component includes two modules: ventilation and light bulbs. They are connected by four struts with screws M4.
The ceiling is made of translucent plastic canister, the size of the bottom which is not less than 195×130 mm. the top of the canister together with the neck removed. Formed in the bottom box with a height of 160 mm carved figure hole sizes 175×110 mm in long with the seam allowance with a radius of 5 mm around the six mounting holes (on the drawing conventionally not shown).
The electric component secured in the ceiling with six M4 screws with countersunk heads. On the intake hole of the fan is easily removable cloth air filter.
Svetvincenat “Whelan” is used in the form of chandeliers, floor lamps or sconces.
The speed and noise of spectrophotometer 1.0 EV AND 1.4-3270Т4 depend on the capacitance of the capacitors C1 and C2. When you turn off the switch SA1, the impeller rotates with low speed (the fan noise is almost inaudible). When enabled, SA1 capacitors C1 and C2 are connected in parallel, and the speed of rotation of the impeller increases. Accordingly, increases and published by fan noise, still not going beyond the limits of sanitary norms.
The values of the capacitors selected based on the need of deformirovaniya fan. If the values specified on the circuit diagram, the voltage on the windings 2 and 3 of the motor M1 (small and moderate rotational speed of the impeller) is, respectively, 100 and 140 V.
The phase-shifting capacitor C3. The purpose of the resistors R1, R2 is to remove residual charge from C1 and C2 at ХР1 disconnected the plug from the mains.
Module incandescent lamps electrically connected with the contacts x2 and X3 of module ventilation. To enable EL1 provides a switch SA2.
On a hot day, use fan only. Cool summer evenings and in the off season and winter included a fan and a bulb.
Svetvincenat “Whelan”:
1 bulb; 2 — light (part translucent plastic Jerry cans); 3 — skirt electropathy; 4 — base electroputere inclined position; 5 — Board module bulb; 6 — metal stand with screws M4 at the ends (4 sets); 7 — the capacitors with the resistors; 8 — Board module ventilation; 9 — toggle switch (2 PCs); 10 — wire suspension; 11 — bolt M4 (6 PCs); 12 — blower motor; material of the parts 5 and 8 tinted Plexiglas

“Whelan”-the chandelier instead of the connecting wire length of 1.5—2 m with plug ХР1 used a short section of double wire. When the switch SA2 “Whelan”-the chandelier can be lit remotely by the switch on the wall.
Modules suspended svetvincenat are mounted on circuit boards made of organic glass with a thickness of 3-5 mm. For wall or floor lamps used incandescent bulb of 60-100 watts, for lamps up to 200 watts. Embedded in all these cases the fan of 1.0 EV-1.4-4-3270Т4 has dimensions 110x110x42 mm.
Impeller, guide vanes and the fan casing is made of transparent plastic. Diameter of flow area is equal to 100 mm. the vibration of the fan is not noticeable in the speed range from low to passport, which is equal to 2600 rpm.
Resistors 131 and 132 of the type MLT-0,5. The value can be from 820 ohms to 1.5 Megohms. The capacitors C1—Sstype MBGC with an operating voltage of 500 V.
In svetvincenat “Whelan”, as seen from the circuit diagram, the four capacitor 0.25 UF (S1 consists of two connected in parallel, as, in contrast to the single such building height is less than the fan). The switches SA1 and SA2 of type MT1. The installation of all elements of the ventilation module is mounted.
Collect svetvincenat “Whelan” can be in the form of a heater, for which the opposite walls opaque plastic housing is necessary to cut two holes with a diameter slightly larger than the cross section of the inlet of the fan.
The long “Velani”-heater is fixed with six screws on the housing. To enhance heat transfer use one or two plug-in lamp bulbs. They are connected to the contacts x2 and X4 module ventilation. The switch SA2 is set temperature of the air leaving the heater.
In the heater are used as the capacitors C1—C3 with the capacitance of 1 UF. This increase in face value is justified by the need to boost the fan speed when the switch SA1. Due to the electrical resonance voltage at the fan motor rises to 230 V, and the flow of air through the heater increases. Turning off of the switch SA1 is the voltage on M1 is reduced to 180 V.
The height of the stands for mounting modules of lamps in the long “Velani”-of the radiator is 70 mm. To the body, attached with screws four rubber feet-shock absorber.
Air intake opening of the fan is equipped with a removable air filter, and the outlet of the air heater is put on (also removable) decorative grille.
Schematic diagram of the electric unit of svetvincenat
Schematic diagram of the electric unit of svetvincenat
If desired, the design of the “Whelan”-the heater can be simplified. For example, to remove C1, C2, R1 and R2 of module ventilation. The terminal 3 of the motor M1 to be connected to the conductor connected to the upper on the scheme contact plugs ХР1. Then to the vacated terminal 1 of the switch SA1 and the contact X3 you can connect a second additional module, incandescent lamps, which will be independent from the main heater.
In the simplified construction of the heater, the phase-shifting capacity of C3 should be increased to 1 µf that is easily achieved by parallel connection to the existing 0,25 UF three additional capacitors of the same value. But C3 can be done from two “polumilliardny”, connecting them in parallel.
Repair the faulty heater in the “Whelan”-the heater is reduced to the replacement of incandescent lamps. Apply in svetvincenat halogen lamp, it hardly makes sense. Its durability is guaranteed by the manufacturer only for the mode in which the temperature on the inside of the cylinder during operation is about 300 °C. Upon cooling, a halogen cycle in a lamp deteriorates, which creates conditions for reduction of its service life.
In the room with a volume of 30 cubic meters “Whelan” with the incandescent bulb of 150 W and a moderate speed rotation of the impeller provides an increase in air temperature from floor to 2 °C; at a height of 1.5 m heat addition is 1 °C. But in the ceiling space is guaranteed reducing the temperature by 1— 2 °C. Comfort there.
A. TRIFONOV, Saint-Petersburg

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