COLUMN-RASTISHKAWas such a nice family tradition in many old houses, as soon as the child begins to walk, he measured his growth on the painted with oil paint the door jamb appeared first stab notch marked when it is applied. The number of such notches with the outline was added with each birthday is a kind of chronicle of extension of the child.

In new homes the notches won’t do—a different attitude to housing: Western-style renovation, expensive finishing materials…
But the desire to commit in any way to another birthday the growth of the baby and tenacious in our days. Here and new, sparing the interior, methods of fixation of how stretched the child over the past year.
One of these devices for the above mentioned purposes, offered to the readers of the Polish magazine “Throb himself”: column-a long time. This is a special plank sizes 20x50x2000 mm from a sheet of chipboard or thick plywood, which can be installed standalone or attached to the bracket of the wooden boss somewhere in a secluded corner or in the nursery. On the strap can be pre-marked division, which facilitates the measurement of growth, and there is enough space to make placards.
Children's height chart
Children’s height chart:
1 — strip with graduation marks; 2 — slider; 3 — counterbalance the emphasis of the slider (2 PCs); 4 — bracket (wood boss)

To the strap is additionally made of thin plywood or cardboard box, a slider with two internal protivosemnye stops of the bars down on the strip on the baby’s head, bottom edge showing on the tick marks of the control growth.
As you can see, the device is so simple in construction that its manufacture may be feasible to engage myself a grown up child. And the use of this device certainly will not spoil any interior.

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