COME TO LIFE, AND SONY, AND KODAKProfessionally working with imported cameras and digital cameras, sometimes have to face the fact, as in the most interesting moment of the shooting suddenly denied regular batteries, which leads to the loss of unique videos and photos. Not wanting to put up with such things, many owners of such equipment have several CD-batteries for fast replacement of “run down” during the filming. But it’s pretty expensive.

Meanwhile, there is another way out. This is the use of sulfuric acid or alkaline batteries domestic production — robust and well-known by every automotoportal. However, the voltage at the terminals they have a 12-24, but it is easy and without any loss may be reduced using, for example, the electronic stabilizer.


Indeed, for camcorder the BOP must Usup = 8.4 V when Pit = 1.5 A, for digital camera Kodak — 5.1 V and 2 A. Based on these values, each able to collect a small device to ensure receipt of our 12 – or 24-volt batteries required values of voltages and currents. The device may be formed as a compact unit in two ways: on an analog chip with a couple of bolsaescola capacitor or like electronic stabilizer transistors.

As for the case, in any of the options of such a unit suitable plastic box from mechanical stopwatch Agat. On one of the side walls are easily accommodated two threaded outputs for connections “+” and “-” of the battery, and the other connector for connection to a camcorder or digital camera.

Particularly convenient is the use of a homemade voltage regulator with alkaline battery 10НКГЦ-3,5-1. The capacity of this 12-volt power supply is enough for 3.5—4 hours of continuous operation. A small total mass (885 g) and acceptable dimensions (mm 180x120x70), you can transfer such a structure in your shoulder bag.


Circuit diagram of home-made voltage regulator with IC chip (a) or transistors (b). A simple and reliable source of stable power supply video and photographic equipment based on automobile battery

Schematic diagram of home-made voltage regulator with IC chip (a) or transistors (b).

A simple and reliable source of stable power supply video and photographic equipment on the basis of the car battery

Undoubtedly, a good you can consider using a homemade voltage regulator with the car battery when connected directly to the battery terminals or through the power outlet or cigarette lighter. Wire length 4-5 m is enough for relatively free movement near the car and capturing the environment or the places of recreation. You can shoot a video camera and a digital camera by connecting them to the onboard network of the car when driving on the highway or during long Parking of the car, no worrying about a possible failure of the regular battery.

In conclusion, there is one benefit of the proposed technical solutions— about connectivity, video and photographic equipment to this unit using an AC adapter with a frayed or, say, burned out a cord. By the end of the wire, the remaining one going to the load must be soldered to a mating electrical connector and voilà! The connection of equipment to the power source in standard mode, using the AC adapter is fully guaranteed.

A. NORVATOV, In o l s s K, the Saratov region

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