BOOKCASE-RETROWhen a small room for a student or a student does not establish a standard store-bought furniture because of its size, the solution may be compact and simple construction, proposed by the French magazine “System D”. It is small but large enough bookcase, in the traditional “classical” style of furniture, structurally subordinated exclusively to functional tasks and therefore devoid of decorative elements, which makes it available for self-production.

This contributes to the presence in many shops of building materials, is convenient for such a furniture boards and chipboards (MDF). In addition to these panels, for the manufacture of the rack need only wooden bars or slats, two sheets of glass with a plastic slider guides and piano hinges for the doors.

The proposed design is interesting because it is — section: the Cabinet is made up of individual units, which if necessary can be used separately or with the main Cabinet.

The upper section of the Cabinet is open; in fact, it is the repetition of the famous bookshelf, but without the glazing. The middle section is the main, large, closed two sliding glass doors. Behind them is a removable shelf, wood or glass. Finally, the bottom section is closed: it has two panel doors with hinges. Depending on that will be accessed, the section can have a removable wood shelf.

Each section is assembled from vertical, lateral and horizontal “krysevych” and “bottom” of the joined panels on a plug-in round thorns or furniture screws.


Three-piece wardrobe

Three-part case (A — open section, B — glazed. In — closed):

1 — vertical panels (side partitions); 2 — horizontal panel; 3 — sliding glass door; 4 — handle; 5 — guide slider for glass; 6 — door bottom section; 7 — vertical support bar; 8 — inner adjustable shelves; 9 — horizontal support bar; 10 — lateral support bar

The frame of the Cabinet with the main dimensions

The frame of the Cabinet with the main dimensions


The unit of connection of vertical and horizontal panels

The connection node of the vertical and horizontal panels:

1 — side panel; 2 — round plug-in tongue (Nagel); 3 — horizontal bar


Glass door handle

Glass door with handle


Section And the Cabinet in the TV stand

Section And the Cabinet in the TV stand:

1 — horizontal panels; 2 — side; 3 — the vertical bars of the reinforcement; 4 — horizontal support bar


If necessary, to enhance the strength of the link, in the lower section it is possible to use wooden sticks or slats (fastened at the side), which additionally will rely on the horizontal bar sections. And under the bottom panel at the front edge is fastened to the longitudinal support bar.


As already mentioned, any of the sections can be used separately — for example, upper. It can increase the rack height, or to make such shelves independent “hill” — also for books or videotapes.

This section will fit as the stand for the radio or television. If necessary, its structure can be reinforced by additional supporting bars.

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