Shop table lamp, attractive and yet provide sufficient illumination of the surface of the Desk, quite hard. The idea to combine the lamp table bookshelf appeared not by chance: on the Desk you always need to have a minimum reference of frequent use.
Design shelf-lamp is quite simple. It consists of only seven parts. As material you can use chipboard (particleboard) or thick plywood. From the applied material will depend on the manufacturing technology.
This shelf is made from chipboard, covered in white plastic. This plate is usually used in kitchen furniture. When the thickness of plate 20 mm dimensions shelves made 655х320х180 mm. Main shelf cut into the side walls and the front wall and the top and interior shelves are connected with them by screws.
The end surfaces are thoroughly roughened with sandpaper and then varnished several times. After the varnish is absorbed into the pores of the material, the end surface can be painted any nitro.
The design of the shelf-lamp
Design shelf-lamp:
1 — top shelf, 2 — front wall 3 — internal shelf, 4 — rear panel, 5 — side, 6 — a main shelf, 7 — choke, 8 — stator, 9 — fluorescent lamp daytime running light, 10 — slot mounting lights, 11 — screws. The top view shows off the top shelf.

As used fluorescent lamp fluorescent lamp. Electrical connection — common to all lamps of this type. For installation wiring diagrams using an internal shelf. To get rid of buzz choke and cause the lamp to work with lamp, which burned out a filament, you can apply throttle-free connections. It should be remembered that the more powerful the lamp, the greater must be the capacity of the capacitors Sz and C4. The scheme is designed to use lamps with a length of 600 mm and a power of 40 watts. In fact, the length of the bulb and determined the dimensions of all the shelves.
Diagram of the throttle-free connection of the fluorescent lights
Diagram of a throttle-free connection of the fluorescent light.

The result was a convenient shelf-lamp. The book is well-kept, and the lamp provides illumination of a sufficiently large table surface, at the same time it is not disturbing to those present in the room.
V. GERUS. Rivne region., p. Uizdtsi

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