HALL OF YOUR HOMEHallway – a kind of business card of every house. In small apartments modern typical building front, I usually small fundamental changes in it are not up to snuff. Therefore, only the most necessary furniture and equipment is possible to place here. Cabinets or racks of clothes here – preferably flat finish – mainly light colors.

In the lobby, an open rack mounted without built-in cabinets. In the hallways of two, two-bedroom apartments with an area of more than 5 m2 rationally arrange the cabinet, which shall be provided for clothing, seasonal shoes, slippers, at the top is a shelf for hats. Taps place to store sports equipment: skis, skates, even a bicycle. Cabinet dimensions: width – in the range of 600-900 mm and a depth of 250-400 mm (clothes storage plane parallel to the walls) and 600 mm (when placing clothes indicate instead to the wall).
Arranging hanger (this applies primarily to the entrance hall with a small area), it is necessary to bear in mind that the clothes should not come into contact with the wall. To do this, it can be oblitsevat tree, covered with a piece of decorative fabric, nail mat, pre-coated with varnish finally sheathe well dressed matting. Together with a decorative hanger design should be a single entity in color.
If there is a niche in the hall is deeper than 35 cm, it is better to take a walk-in closet. In the niche of smaller depth will fit only a hanger, but in either case you can vkomponovat compartment for shoes, a shelf for umbrellas, bags or briefcases.

At the bottom, place the drawer stool-400-450 mm in height, the supporting framework is provided with wheels.
An important element of the interior comes mirror. Attach it to the wall, it is better lit and free from furniture and wall units. For smaller rooms suitable large mirror. This visually expand the volume of the front and give her splendor. From the floor to the upper bound of the mirror must not be less than 2150 mm, and to the bottom – no more than 450 mm (the minimum height the mirror in which you can see yourself in all growth, is 1100 mm, up to the knees – 1200 mm, and 600 mm belt) . Near or bottom mounted small shelf or drawer for bags, gloves, keys, wardrobes brushes and so on. D.
Ski storage is offered a special cabinet. Its walls are T-shaped structure. They are mounted on hinges (better – grand piano) and are easy to open in the hallway. Inside are kept several pairs of skis, fixed metal braces.
Many troubles are causing the door handles of locking latches: their sharp ends and then strive to fall into a pocket or hooking the floor. Cut out suitable cuttings boards with rounded tips and stick their “moment” in the serial pens; By the way, if you put a little imagination and make curly heads, interior hallway adorned with original details.
Where to store spare bulbs and plugs? I usually our apartments or they are gathering dust in the closets, or are “bulk” in one of the boxes, mixed up with a tool – and how often do fight.
plastic nets, which sells vegetables, and hang the grid in the same cabinet in the wall, where is placed the switchboard: everything will be stored in a safe and handy.
Even a seasoned skirting boards under the linoleum hallway corners does not save from the accumulation of dirt and moisture. The output is extremely easy: by lifting each plinth, will place him under the rubber band. It is best to take advantage of industry-produced seals for doors.
Very disfigure the appearance of the front of the electricity meter with built-in cupboards and stoppers: coarse and poorly planed door frame look a patch on the wall. Furniture should not zadekoriruesh – it is necessary to take meter readings every month.
Take the whole box, closing the switchboard and the released place using a sample of the card hinges on the mirror in a wooden frame: will and beautiful and practical.

The hallways are large areas for sports equipment given to half of the cabinet section. Provided here and whatnot with sloping mesh shoe that allows to reduce the width of the box up to 350 mm. It can be easily removed (rolled into) in the closet.
The lighting in the front should be shared, and a mirror placed in the center of the composition, – local (lamps with fluted light scatterers are located above the mirror, the right and left of it). Sometimes, general and local lighting combined in one luminaire (small forward). The large entrance hall with a complex layout appropriate to equip two or more sources.
V. Strashnov

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