THE CASTING... ON THE TABLEModern style requires decorating items of furniture, fittings, apartment interior repetitive, intricate configuration of parts; often the enthusiasts to undertake their carved from soft wood, bend metal strips, minted copper. But modern chemistry has given us such great works to such material, like plastic. Enough to make a form — and any item can be repeated any number of times. Simple injection installation, it much easier and expedited the receipt of such “tripe”, designed for syut-2 city of Taganrog.

Press. The first thing required for the intended us of the molding installation is a press because the details were supposed to under pressure. Available at our disposal, academic press, produced by the industry were not good, as it is not created when you clone a sufficient pressure. Decided to make my own.

Took the hydraulic Jack manufactured by Baranovichi plant. It is a powerful and reliable mechanism: it develops a force up to 12 t has a stroke of 150 mm and auxiliary output screw 80 mm.
The Jack mounted on a steel plate-base 20 mm thick and secured by two bolts M12. At the corners of the plate I drilled four holes for standoffs and tapped M16. On the rack put the spacer tube: they went to the upper plate, which was secured using nuts with lock nuts. The overall look and layout of the press is clear from the figure and herein scheme.
Press from Jack.
Press from Jack.
Scheme press
Schema press:
1 — stove bottom (240X240X20 mm), 2 — Jack 3 — front (tube Ø 25 mm), 4 — coupling, Ø 16 mm, 5 — stove top (240X240X40 mi), 6 — the lever of the Jack.

Smelting “furnace.” It is the role of a homemade hot plate — thick plate with a lid, vyfrezerovkami the nest of the stacked spiral from iron with a power of 1000 W in a porcelain insulation. From iron same taken and plug to connect the power cord. “Melting” on the box-shaped pallet with insulation sheet asbestos is installed on the heel of the Jack. On top of it put the pack parts, the constituent parts of the molded part.
Casting. It consists of a hollow cylinder with a bottom and tight-fitting, peterthe piston having a syringe hole. Into the cylinder, from which, after preheating the tile piston is easily removed, fit plastic. The contents of the cylinder after the introduction of the inside of the piston should slowly warm up, reaching the desired temperature 40-45 min. a telltale sign of readiness and completion of warm-up is samoopredelenie molten mass through a syringe-a hole in the piston head. Now it is possible to establish a form for casting details, making sure that the injection hole shape and the injection hole of the piston coincide.
After the preparatory operations, start actually casting. For this purpose the lever of the Jack, the whole unit is fed gradually upward until it stops and the plate. The piston begins to push into the cylinder, the plastic under pressure passes into the syringe-opening, then through the injection hole in the form and populates it.
Molding installation.
Molding installation.
Scheme a molding installation Assembly.
Scheme for injection molding setup:
1 — the screw of the Jack. 2 — heel Jack, 3 — upper plate press, 4 — form, 5 — piston, 6 — cylinder, 7 — tiles, 8 — pan with a asbestos gasket.

Scheme a molding pair cylinder — piston.
Scheme of injection molding a pair of cylinder — piston.

Diagram electric
Diagram electric:
1 plate — base, 2 — plug, 3, 4 — cover, 5 — helix.

To plastic from sticking to the form, you need the inner surface to lubricate the thick soap solution and dried.
Of course, this method of manufacturing parts require additional costs for tooling and fixtures. However, they are far outweighed by the quality of the parts and the ability to “release” their series that sometimes is important.
Have interested in setting a question may arise: why is it composed of separate parts, and not combined into a “monolith”, one?
This is due to technology benefits portable option. For stamping parts made from various plastics have the ability to have multiple replaceable cylinders. The stove can be used and repaired separately; the Jack — press General purpose and not only for casting.

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