THE MOTOR OUT...NAILS AND SCREWSBefore copiers that manufacture aircraft models in the Mel scale, often raises the problem of simulating a power plant with a radial engine. Offers an unusual method based on the use of… conventional steel screws or bolts. First, you need to pick up screws with fine or medium threads, the outside diameter corresponding to the cylinder size of the engine. The screws are trimmed to length and with one edge sharpened needle files tapered tetrahedron (the angle and depends only on the number of cylinders). Then, treating the sharpened surface etched with acid, they oblizyvaet using a soldering iron.

Now we need to pick up a nail, which in the cross section coincides with the diameter of the Central hole of the future Assembly of the cylinders. The nail head is not cut, as it simulates the portion of the crankcase. The fluting on the bonnet, of course, is cut. The whole nail is also under maintenance.
Assembly simulation is conducted as follows. On a flat metal plate is placed on the cap of the nail, and around him carefully laid out procurement imitations of the cylinders. After that, proceed to soldering. Do it better with the burner (who doesn’t, can use long medical needle, blowing the air through the flame of a tablet of dry alcohol). Often the soldering process has to be repeated two to three times, depending on the accuracy of assembling of the cylinders. with?
Soldered the motor is handled by the outer diameter, when “Tom cleaned the allowances of the segments of the screws. Also filing the excess solder. The shank of the nail is clipped or retained for further fastening simulate the motor on the layout. In rotative embodiment, the nail is cut down to the plane of the cylinders and its axis is drilled a hole, into which you can insert tubular or wire axis, and subsequently seal in the front “web” copy. Mount the propeller on the motor — epoxy resin (together with imitation of the screw should be rotated on the axis freely). Speak to the motor and screw the end of the tubular shaft raskladyvaetsya, and to the wire axis napivaetsya šajbočka.
Made in a similar way, the engines are very similar to the real thing, scale and easily reproducible in our home.
In conclusion, a little advice: to remove the solder flows between the cylinder and “fins cooling jacket” is best to use a jigsaw and a separate nail file.
V. OLESHKO, G. Cables, Latvia

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