NEW HANDMADEHow rapidly time, dear readers! Last night, I think the “Club house masters” invited you to their new year’s housewarming party — and now a small anniversary: it was three years old. How many different designs and craft projects for the home was offered to you during this time and how you managed to do with their hands! Let’s hope that ahead of you are no less interesting development that can brighten the life, lighten household chores, to fill leisure time. And today the “Club house masters” wishes you a happy New year and presents a few Christmas gifts with a wish of happiness to your home and success to its skilled craftsmen!
Sparing green prickly beauties so vulnerable standing on one leg in the forest drifts, many have long refused to set the house for the New year “live” Christmas tree. Initially a large popularity of all kinds of synthetic collapsible simulators coniferous trees. Now, especially in families where the children grew increasingly turning to more conventional elements of Christmas symbols. Artists interior began to offer different solutions to the Christmas area from one pine branch and even without it — some Christmas decorations. Housewives began to enter signs of the New year homemade cakes: cakes or biscuits in the form of eating, cakes with candles and the corresponding pattern of cream. Not remained aloof and craftsmen: every year for the holiday made from scrap materials once ingenious and simple design.
Here is one of them — “portrait” – tree: make it, and your Christmas table will be present, even those who at this hour is away from you.
Wall tree
Wall tree:
1 — plywood contour 2 – disk with photos.

The contour of spruce cut with a jigsaw, or hand saw and a sheet of plywood — dimensions depend on available material. But in all cases, the edges and surface of the workpiece are carefully processed skin; in different places, randomly drilled holes in which are inserted wooden glue-pins-nails: they will be hanging balls-pictures of.
Disks, balls, too, are cut from plywood or cut with scissors from cardboard; they can be painted in different colors or covered with silver or gold foil — then photos of family and friends will be in festive colored frames.
Potelco can be hung on the wall at the Christmas table or to put on it, by reinforcing on the back side of the simple stem. For the revival of the composition of the CDs may be with colorful pictures from cards or magazines; Christmas coloring will give a lump of dry, bright Christmas tree toy hanging in a suitable place.
Candles are a traditional attribute of new year’s eve, especially at home. It is better to install them in the candlestick, which, by the way, it is easy to make yourself. Like this, when you look at that you’ll never say that it is made of… cans.
Candle holder:
1 — reflector, 2 — bracket, 3 — halo, 4 — candle holder.

The scheme will serve as a basis for their decisions: for example, the reflector may not be in the shape of a heart, and, say, in the form of a disk — then it will fit just the bottom of a large flat cans. The strip of the bracket may form a flattened side wall of a conventional can. Now some of them are made of particularly soft metal, without a bottom twist — off from such easily formed into the bottom of the Corolla of the candle holder, cut with scissors the scar top and twist slightly Mykolaiv the rest.
The Assembly of work pieces for soldering. Part or all of the candlestick can be painted, but it is better still to build to resemble the old metal — carefully annealed over a gas stovetop burner. For greater stability of the candle in the middle of the rim is soldered into the tin holder-Cup, bent from the strip under the diameter of the candle. For hanging on the wall in the reflector of the hole or to the underside of the soldered wire loop.

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