ODORS IN THE TRAPA fertile place for home master in any house is the kitchen – there is always something to make that easier, more comfortable or just prettier. And the need there is in every house, because the kitchen is active and also versatile working area of the home. It is not only cook, but also to store food stocks – prepare jam and pickles for the winter. Where’s often the hostess is attached with sewing and the sewing machine or Ironing Board – all at the same kitchen! Traditionally, it is and everyday dining or get-togethers with family, friends.

This explains why many design improvements in the home interior connected with kitchen. Here are a few ideas gleaned from foreign magazines for hobbyists and tinkerers.
Almost every kitchen somewhere near the ceiling is a lattice vent, but, nevertheless, is the hostess to start something to cook as the apartment spreads a smell of fried-steamed. Especially frustrating if something is burnt or ran away – not soon will ventilate the apartment: the kitchen aromas resistant, and the hood is passive.
Make it active, a simple canopy trap over the stove in the shape of a truncated pyramid, which is connected by branch pipe with the vent. To the air exhaust was more effective, at the junction with the nozzle built home exhaust fan.
Canopy trap over the stove
A canopy trap over the stove:
1 – the front part of the cone; 2 – fan frame; 3 – fan; 4 – a cord from the network; 5 – pipe to the air vent; 6 – ventilation grille in the wall; 7 – rear wall trap

The visor is made of thin sheet metal, for example galvanized roofing iron. It consists of two elements: triangular front and rear walls that are joined together by rivets or bolts and nuts. The shape and dimensions of the blanks shown in the figures.
The fan is embedded in the pipe using slip frame, fastened on the neck with four small bolts with nuts. Eyeliner to it cord from the outlet in the sidewall of the visor make a hole which must be isolated with a rubber washer or bushing eraser or a plastic tube.
Assembled visor is attached to the wall using two screws through the back wall with two holes. Suspension height from the slab to the cone is about 800 mm.
The details of the trap before Assembly
The details of the trap before Assembly:
A – rear panel; B – front; decorative band

Insulation of the cord of the fan
Insulation of the cord of the fan:
1 – power; 2 – rubber Bush; 3 – a casing of the trap

The fan can be enabled simultaneously with a plate or independently. In the second case, will be airing as with exhaust ventilation.
Edge visor can be trimmed with fancy invoice a metal strip of stainless steel or copper. The trap and the pipe should be painted with enamel or nitro, coordinating color with the overall color scheme of the kitchen or, conversely, by contrast with him.

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