ON THE SLED DURING THE SUMMER!Gardeners will appreciate the trolley-sledge, shown in the figure, because it can be used all year round. Necessary, for example, in summer, carry some cargo, put it on the cart, put on wheels and roll her along the earthen path, grass, asphalt. But winter comes the turn of runners: turn the cart, and she was again ready to work.

To make such a universal means of transportation, you will need some steel pipes of different diameters and wheels, for example, from dilapidated baby stroller.
Two tubes with a diameter of 20-30 mm will go to the runners (if desired, you can use the corners). They should be bent, as shown in the figure. Two more pipes of the same diameter will serve as the frame of the cargo area.
The site itself consists of pipes Ø 10-12 mm. Two of them — the axis of the wheels, and inserted through holes of the base. At the ends of axes, worn wheel and to the last did not come off, — lock washers in special grooves. Other elements of the cargo area and the runners are welded to the pipe frame gas welding.
Truck sled
1 — snake, 2 — wheel, 3 — tube frames, 4 — tube of the cargo area, 5 — axis heads.

Possible other variants of constructive execution of the truck. For example, in the absence of steel can be made out of aluminum and duralumin tubes. The only way to connect them to another. So, three high tube load platform inserted into holes drilled on the inside of the tubes of the frame. And the extreme tubes and the skids are fastened to them by bolts. To do this, all the ends flattened and drilled holes. Axis wheels installed in the same manner as in the first embodiment.

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